January 18, 2017

The PM Visiting The Aga Khan Is Much Trudeau About Nothing

Aga Khan Steven Senne/AP

Recently, Justin Trudeau and his family took-up an offer from the Aga Khan to join him on his private island in the Bahamas. They were able to escape the cold, but clearly not the controversy. This whole thing has rubbed many people in Parliament, and across the country the wrong way. People have grabbed their metaphorical pitchforks and the ethics commission is now investigating. Sure, without context it seems as though this is just another lobbyist using wealth and influence to sway things in his favour, but if you actually want truth, context is everything.

Trudeau Government Failing First Nation Kids: Advocate

Cindy Blackstock
Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press

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O'Leary Says All Those Things He Said On TV 'Don't Mean Anything'

Kevin Oleary
Jonathan Hayward/CP

History Repeating Itself? Toronto's Long Record Of Housing Busts

Bomb Fuse
scanrail via Getty Images

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Canada's Most Unequal Cities

PM Grilled For Answering Anglophone's Question In French

Justin Trudeau Sherbrooke

Boomers Risking Their Retirement Supporting Adult Kids: TD Bank

Seniors Money
gpointstudio via Getty Images

Celebrity Businessman Waves Passport To Show He Can Take On Trump

Kevin Oleary Ctv
CTV screengrab

'Consequences' For Canada If Trump Goes Protectionist: BoC

Donald Trump Smiles
Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Ontario To Hike Nestle's Water Fees To .025 Cents Per Bottle

Nestle Water Bottles
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Report Finds Hope For Greener, More Profitable Oilsands

Alberta Oilsands
MCT via Getty Images

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Drunk Pilot Arrested.. Thief Picks Worst Getaway Vehicle.. Dog Owner Punches Cougar

Families Of Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women Frustrated

Carolyn Bennett
Justin Tang/CP

B.C. Widower Shares Powerful Message To New Moms With Depression

Florence Leung Kim Chen

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Earth Breaks Hot Temperature Record For 3rd Year In A Row

Climate Change
Olaf Kruger

Maxime Bernier Attracts Ire Of Opponents During French Debate

Tory Leadership Hopefuls

Students Ask Trudeau For Selfie, Then Press Him On Indigenous Rights

Trudeau Selfie
Captures d'écran

Canada Moves Closer To ‘Netflix Tax'

Melanie Joly
Canadian Press/Matthew Usherwood

Canadian Companies Can't Keep Up On Sustainability

Bay Street Toronto
Bloomberg/Getty Images

McDonald's Canada Menu Is No Longer Nut-Free

Mcdonalds Canada

Along With Chelsea Manning, Obama Granted Hundreds Of Federal Drug Offenders Early Freedom

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

And Now For A 'House Of Cards' Parody From A Tory Leadership Candidate

Trudeau House Of Cards
Erin O'Toole/Facebook

Trudeau Doesn't Agree With Trump That NATO Is Obsolete

Justin Trudea
Darren Calabrese/CP

The Search For Malaysia Airlines MH370 Is Over, Possibly Forever

Getty Images

Mortgage Insurance Is About To Get Costlier

Cmhc Ndp

Trudeau Says He And Trump Share A Common Mission

Justin Trudeau
Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press

Pint Or Punishment: This Law Can Fine Bars That Underpour

Mill Street Brew Pub
Fred Lum/Globe and Mail via CP

Tories Left Legacy Of 'Mistrust' On Pipelines, PM Says

Stephen Harper

O'Leary Expected To Join Tory Leadership Race After French Debate

Kevin Oleary
Marla Aufmuth via Getty Images

Canadian Killed In Mexico A Fixture Of Toronto's Nightlife Scene

Kirk Wilson
Facebook/District Underground

School District Worker Fired After Cheeky Tweet To Student

Katie Nash
Katie Nash/Facebook

Toronto Landlords Are Bailing Out, And Condo Rents Are Soaring

Condos Toronto Apartments
bakerjarvis via Getty Images


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Ontario Couple's Pet Pig Is Now The Size Of A Polar Bear

Esther The Wonder Pig
Esther the Wonder Pig/Facebook

PM Joins '22 Minutes' To Definitely Not Talk About Bahamas Vacation

Trudeau 22 Mins
CBC Comedy/YouTube

Climate Change Will Make Canadian Winters Easier

Mild Weather Canada
Nathan Denette/Canadian Press

Justin Trudeau's Daughter Has Zero Political Aspirations

Justin Trudeau Ella
Damir Sagolj / Reuters

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Take Note, Blorange Is The Hottest Hair Colour Of 2017

Blorange Hair

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Pakistani Singer Stopped Mid-Concert When He Saw A Girl Being Harassed

Atif Aslam
Sk Hasan Ali via Getty Images

Colin Mochrie Speaks Out In Support Of Transgender Daughter

Colin Mochrie

Bob Dylan's Grandson Is A Very Handsome Model

Levi Dylan
Venturelli via Getty Images

Cheating Is More Common Than You Think, Says Author Cheryl Strayed

cyano66 via Getty Images

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The Beginner's Guide To Outdoor Running

Running For Beginners
Zing Images via Getty Images

Steve Harvey Apologizes Over Racist Comments About Asian Men

Steve Harvey Says Sorry
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Obviously Canada Is Hosting North America's 1st Ice Dragon Boat Race

Ice Dragon Boat
Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival/ Champion Boats

Jaden Smith Fails Driver's Test, Melts Down On Instagram

Jaden Smith

Baseball Player Tries To Explain Birth Control To Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain
Bravo via Getty Images

Caffeine May Be A Lot Healthier For Us Than We Thought

Eujin Goh / EyeEm via Getty Images

Male Makeup Artist's Dad Defends Son Against Homophobic Blogger

Manny Gutierrez

Creative Baby Name Reveals That Will Steal Your Heart

Baby Name Reveal

Female Shark Produced 3 Babies Without A Male, Thank You Very Much

Zebra Shark
Getty Images

Terrible Posture Habits That Ruin Your Body

Science Photo Library via Getty Images

Fans Aren't Loving This 'Beauty And The Beast' Doll Of Emma Watson

Beauty And The Beast Doll

Alberta Puppy Rescued After 12 Hours In A Ditch

Puppy Ditch Alberta
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