25 February 2017

South Asians Really Need To Stop Saying The N-Word

Indian Surprised uniquely india via Getty Images

As people of colour, we sometimes have this idea that not being white meant going through similar struggles and hardships. And although this doesn't mean hardships and racism doesn't exist for South Asians, it's not the same and never will be. The n-word is offensive, and always will be. And South Asians can agree how anti-black many other South Asians in our communities and families can be. Continuing to use this word – even if you're not doing it in a racist way – makes it seem like we've moved beyond the issue. We haven't.

Canadian Effort To Help Yazidis Proves That Democracy Works: Ambrose

Rona Ambrose
Justin Tang/Canadian Press

Butt-Grabbing Moment On 'Dragon's Den' Was Just For TV: O'Leary

Kevin Oleary Dragons Den

Canadian Weed Stocks Tumble As Trump White House Talks Crackdown

Sean Spicer
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

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Empty Homes.. Trump's 'Winter White House'.. Basic Income 'Will Be Necessary'

Muhammad Ali Jr. Detained And Questioned At Florida Airport

Muhammad Ali Jr
Screenshot/Sports Illustrated

Ice Fell Off Plane, Through Roof, Ceiling, Floor Of Calgary Home

Asiana Airline
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Nova Scotia Firefighter Pens Moving Song About Reality Of His Job

Kevin Davison
Courtesy Kevin Davison

'Goodbye, Racist!': Passengers Cheer As Unruly Man Gets Booted From Plane


White House Bars Major News Outlets From Press Briefing

Sean Spicer
Aaron P. Bernstein via Getty Images

Millions Of Sites' User Passwords May Have Been Exposed

RossiAgung via Getty Images

Swastika Written In Human Feces Found In Art School Bathroom

Collegesnew Englandprovidenceririsdrhode Islandrho
John Greim via Getty Images

Canadian Inflation Jumps As Carbon Taxes Come Into Force

Traffic Toronto
mikeinlondon via Getty Images

Calgary Parents Found Guilty Of Killing Diabetic Teen Son

Alexandru Radita

More Alberta
Bison Back In Banff.. Amazing Aurora.. Beer Pong Pro.. Shocking Murder Trial Testimony

Oscar-Nominated Documentary Maker Blocked From Entering U.S.

White Helmets
White Helmets/Netflix

Ordinary Canadian 'Shocked' To Get Phone Call From PM Trudeau

Justin Trudeau Phone Call
Twitter/Justin Trudeau

Tory Candidates Delve Into Policy Issues At Leadership Debate

Tory Leadership Debate

More Politics
Former Harper Aide Guilty.. Tortured Canadians To Be Compensated.. Feds, B.C. Sign Deal

Venezuelans Unintentionally Lost An Average Of 19 Pounds Last Year

Venezuela Food
Henry Romero / Reuters

Calgary Man Trying To Find Brother Given For Adoption With Viral Post

Jay Haskin
Jay Haskin

Don't Fight Trumpmania With Trumphobia: Reform Party Founder

Preston Manning

Kim Jong-Un's Brother Killed By Banned Chemical Weapon: Malaysia

Kim Jong Nam
Yamaguchi Haruyoshi via Getty Images

Canada Commits 'Human Rights Violations' By Locking Up Children: Report

Toronto Immigration Holding Centre
Rick Eglinton via Getty Images

The Bay Named Top-10 ‘Most Boycottable' Retailer Over Trump

Hudsons Bay

Trudeau, Trump Discuss Border Issues On Phone Call

Trudeau Trump
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

B.C. Dancer's Custom Canucks Regalia Stolen From Car

Jonathan Canucks Regalia
Linda Cyrette/Facebook

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Health Plan Fees Cut.. Toddler Dies Day After Being Sent Home From Hospital

'Prisoner Pods' Are An Oh-So-Canadian Police Tool

Manitoba Rcmp Pods
Manitoba RCMP/Facebook

Tory Bill Would Require Would-Be Judges To Learn About Sexual Assault

Rona Ambrose
Fred Chartrand/CP

Meet The Country Where 4 People Are Richer Than 100 Million

Jakarta Indonesia
hanafichi via Getty Images

Wages Are Falling In Canada's Low-End Jobs

Hotel Cleaner
AndreyPopov via Getty Images

Canada's Most Promising Jobs Of 2017, Ranked By LinkedIn

Sales Manager
sturti via Getty Images

Canadian Blocked By U.S. Customs After Reading Dating Profile

Us Border Airport
Mike Blake / Reuters


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Horror Film About Racism Earns Coveted 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

Universal Pictures/Get Out

Obama Is Back From Vacation And Looking Flawless

Arts Culture And Entertainment Celebrities
Bruce Glikas via Getty Images

12 Canadian Lodges That Will Make You Wish Winter Lasted All Year Long

Winter Cottage
simonkr via Getty Images

Zoo Controversy Emerges After Video Of Tigers Taking Out Drone Goes Viral

Tigers Drone
CCTV screengrab

10 Kickass Female Directors Who Should Be On Your Radar

Female Directors

Karl Lagerfeld: Meryl Streep Is Cheap

Meryl Streep Oscars
Gary Hershorn / Reuters

Moms Can Improve Bond With Baby By Singing

Singing To Baby
Ascent Xmedia via Getty Images

Super Practical Sex Positions Everyone Can Try At Home

Practical Sex

Male Gym Rats May Have Less Active Sex Lives: Study

Strong Man Gym
Mikolette via Getty Images

SodaStream Recalls Thousands Of Bottles Over Possible Rupturing

Sodastream Bottles
Getty Images

How Black Canadians Feel When You Say The N-Word

Black Canadians N Word
Huffpost Canada

YouTube Cuts Live Stream Of Pregnant Giraffe Over Nudity Concerns

Giraffe Live Stream
Animal Adventure Park/YouTube

Sexist Billboard Just Set Us Back About 70 Years


Toronto Man's Project Is Proof Gender Roles Don't Have To Exist

Daniel Pillai
Daniel Pillai

3 Brilliant Baby Sleep Hacks For Exhausted Parents

Baby Sleeping
Kevin Liu via Getty Images

Kids Sleep Straight Through Fire Alarms

Children Sleeping
Kajetan Kandler via Getty Images

Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Mental Health: 'I'm Bipolar And Proud'

Demi Lovato
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

'Walking Dead' T-Shirt Pulled From Stores After Being Deemed Racist

Walking Dead

First-Time Coffee Drinkers Can't Hide Their Disgust

amenic181 via Getty Images

► The Swiss Are Not Impressed With Swiss Chalet Sauce

Swiss Chalet Sauce

Toronto Driver Blames GPS After Ending Up In Streetcar Tunnel

Ttc Streetcar Tunnel
Brad Ross/Twitter
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