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Amanda Garbutt


A Christmas Gift Guide for the Foodie in Your Life

Posted: 12/11/2012 12:20 pm


That time of year is finally here again, can you believe it? We are probably right when we say that buying gifts for all of your family and friends is at the top of your to-do list. This can be totally stressful and we get it. Why stress this holiday season? Don't just get them clothes and gift cards, get them something the their inner food lover will want!

Our 12 days of Christmas guide will show an awesome gift for anyone you are shopping for. Whether it's for your super healthy sister or your gadget-obsessed friend, these gifts will be sure to satisfy their kitchen needs!

Check back on our site every day to see what new and cool gift we think you should know about. We have done all the research and will give you the details of each item, so the only thing you have to do is buy it! Make gift giving easier this year and stick to our guide! We know that your family and friends will love what you get them and will always remember how you catered to their inner food lover!

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  • Day 1: For the Healthy Food Lover

    Why We Love It! Frankly, when ingredients of this quality are involved who wouldn’t want them as a gift. We think that Prana’s products are the perfect introduction into high quality whole ingredients for the foodie on the go that knows how to feed themselves well! These great snacks packs fit easily into a gym or work bag and are the perfect gift for the food lover that feeds their soul. Best of all, Christmas is close to New Years. Prana’s healthy snacks will help keep them on track with their New Year’s resolutions. <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7522" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Day 2: For the Food Lover Who Has Everything

    Why We Love It! We love Samba Day Gift Experiences because its like giving 20 gifts in one. You choose the type of experience you’d like to give and the rest is up to them. For instance, the Gourmet Gift Experience features Shared Plates for Two and Chef at Home packages that are sure to delight even the most gourmand foodie. Or, try the Wine Experience which offers everything from private tasting tours at prestigious Niagara vineyards or the choice of 6 wine bottles to be delivered right to your door! <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7524" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Day 3: For The Urban Farming Food Lover

    Why We Love It! Move over Tori Spelling, you aren’t the only urban farmer becoming famous. Well, famous may be an overstep but you’ll certainly feel proud after having grown your very own mushrooms at home. Seriously, foodie or not, these mushrooms are so easy to grow. The box literally say, “open, place in window, mist twice daily.” Bonus, the mister is included!! This perfect all in one gift is great for the foodie looking to reduce their carbon footprint, or just eat delicious mushrooms. We won’t judge! <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7750" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Why We Love It! Let’s face it, molecular gastronomy isn’t for the faint of heart. Until Now! This awesome kit is just $60 and comes with so many cool gadgets. We’re not sure, but I think this is the most awesome family present. Think science, but better…because it’s edible! We may not be parents, but we have a strong suspicion that little girls and boys would love getting their hands on these super cool foodie experiments. Parents, please do not leave the kids unattended! If you’re family isn’t feeling this gift, try it out on your favourite foodie. The easy to follow DVD will guide them through each step until they are whipping up masterpieces a la ‘Fat Duck.’ <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7541" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Day 5: For the Grab & Go Foodie

    Why We Love It! Yes, its a bowl. So, yes it is a given that it would appear on our Gift Guide for 2012. But come on…you can never have enough bowls; especially when they are as unique as this. We definitely found the humor in having a a bowl in the shape of an item we go through literally 100s of in the test kitchen all year. This is a great gift for a friend or family member that is constantly on the go. They’ll love kicking up their feet and enjoying a few treats from the one plastic bag that will never go to waste. P.S. We saw someone using it as a fish bowl. Jury is out on that one. <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7549" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Day 6: For the Holiday Cookie Monster

    Why We Love It! Okay, so we are definitely showing the crazy geniuses at Fred and Friends some love this holiday season. We can’t get over their hilarious gift ideas. While Ninja’s may not remind us of the holidays, these hilarious gingerbread men will definitely be a conversation starter at your next cookie exchange. <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7553" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Day 7: For the Chocolate Lover

    Why We Love It! This is a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift on the holidays. The adorable packaging means you just have to attach a card, and the indulgent gift inside is definitely drool worthy! Frankly, the holidays are one of the rare times that Hot Chocolate becomes a must have drink. Since the window of opportunity is small we say give it a STIR! Friends we love the decadent flavour options. For the chocolate lover there’s a traditional Belgian Milk Chocolate (yum!) or for the more gourmand taste bud perhaps a cup of their finest Salted Caramel blend (double yum!). <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7558" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Day 8: For the Pasta Lover

    Why We Love It! No big surprise that these adorable brass pasta inspired necklaces caught our attention for the holidays. The holidays are a time for family, friends and yes even the occasional indulgence. Good news, since these gorgeous hand painted necklaces come in an assortment of finishes they also come in a wide variety of prices. From $35 up to $95 (with Holiday pricing on now) you’ll be able to score a truly memorable present for the holidays. <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7569" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Day 9: For the Kitchen Gadget Lover

    Why We Love It! You mean besides the fact that this makes it even easier for food lovers to watch The Hot Plate right in the kitchen Our Community Manager Lauren, says “I love it because I love to use my IPad in the kitchen all the time. I will find recipes online that I want to make, but I don’t want to waste paper by printing it out. So I take my IPad in the kitchen with me and read the recipe right off of there. This would be great to have because it holds it up so that you can see it clearly and without bending down. I also love the fact that you can Skype or Facetime with someone while you are in the kitchen. Since it is being held up to eye level, you can see the person you are speaking with better and they can see you!” <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7576" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Day 10: For the Cottage Cook

    Why We Love It! Yes, we may have a soft spot for the trend of mason jars, but that doesn’t begin to explain why we think these are an amazing gift. Mugs are so…well boring! But these multipurpose mugs work for both hot and cold foods/beverages as well as actual storage containers. These are the perfect gift for your friend or family member obsessed with cottage life. After all, many city folks save cooking time for the cottage months when you are able to truly kick back and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the kitchen. <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7582" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Day 11: For the Recipe Reader

    Why We Love It! Magazine subscription? Who’d have thought of that as a great gift idea! With technology constantly encroaching on traditional forms of media it is a wonder that these even exist. Well, lucky for you (the gift giver) that magazines like bon appétit are offering 2 year subscriptions for a screaming $21! That’s 5x cheaper than if your friend purchased it at the stand. So this gift is awesome for three reasons: 1) you’re helping your friend save money on their recipe addiction; 2) this gift lasts 2 whole years!; 3) ITS BON APPÉTIT MAGAZINE…do i have to spell out how awesome that is! <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7586" target="_hplink">More Info</a>

  • Day 12: For the DIY Food Lover

    Why We Love It! Obviously we love getting people in the kitchen. What could be better than sharing the gift of knowledge; especially when it means learning a technique they’ll be able to enjoy for years! Classes are a great way to learn a few skills and tricks that will maximize the fun when you hit the stove. If classes aren’t too expensive, opt to get to places. That way your friend can go with a buddy (even you, if you’re lucky) and enjoy a couple of hours under the instruction of a professional! <a href="http://thehotplate.com/default.php/?p=7592" target="_hplink"> More Info</a>


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