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Our 10 Favourite Autumn-Themed Baby Names

Posted: 10/04/2013 6:34 pm

Fall is in the air, and if you're due, you might be looking at the season for baby name inspiration. We don't blame you: between the leaves, weather and holidays, it's a time of beauty and celebration. So to help you with the name-game, here are our favourite autumn-related baby names.

Autumn: Timeless and elegant, "Autumn" may be a more obvious dedication to the season, but works throughout decades and doesn't seem too trendy. You can't name a baby "Fall," but you can come close.

Apple: If Gwyneth and Chris Martin can make it work, so can anybody. However, thanks to the couple's imagination, what previously seemed eccentric is a modern tribute to falling leaves and fresh air. And those never go out of style.

Maple: Thanks to Jason Bateman and his wife, Amanda Anka, "Maple" is the little girl name of the season -- literally. On par with "Autumn" in terms of tradition, you'd be hard-pressed to find a greater dedication to the outdoors.

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Hazel: Old baby names are back in a big way, and while "Hazel" embodies the spirit of the season, it also evokes tradition and class. True, it may be "cool" to currently channel the early 20th century, but there's a reason this name hasn't gone out of style.

Maize: The perfect boy OR girl name, Maize channels the positivity of the harvest, which is integral to the season reliant on it. Poetry in baby name form.

Asher: Fireplaces, the colour of leaves, or even the "fall smell" so many of us think about with, "Asher" brings to mind all of these things. Traditionally for baby boys, you can also use it as a middle name for little girls -- especially since more and more baby names are becoming interchangeable.

Hunter: Strong like its namesake, "Hunter" may be one of the few boy baby names you can take after a season without succumbing to the "it-factor." While the name saw a spike a few years back, there's still something to be said about a name that musters courage and the outdoors (just look at any of Liam Neeson's recent roles).

Forrest: Yes, Forrest Gump arguably saw a legion of "Forrests" born in the '90s, but despite the pop culture connotations, "Forrest" has maintained a place throughout centuries. Like with "Hazel," we arguably return to these names for a purpose, so remember not to get too hung up on its place in cinematic history.

Aster: A surname that's lasted generations, "Aster" not only falls under the umbrella of autumn-related baby names, but also can be a nod to 19th-century England and its well-to-do inhabitants (see: John Jacob-Aster). Turns out they loved fall, too.

Kale: Kale may be the food du jour, but this specific name is still more than just another word for "miracle ingredient." Following in the footsteps of "Maize," its simplicity shouldn't be underestimated -- especially if used as a middle name.

Written by Anne Donahue for BabyPost.com

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  • <big><strong>Astrid</strong></big> A sympathetic and supportive character on the sci-fi show "The Tomorrow People."

  • <big><strong>Aylee</strong></big> One of several interestingly (if anachronistically) named and gorgeous ladies-in-waiting to Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, in "Reign," set in sixteenth century France. <em>Actress Jenessa Grant who plays Jenessa Grant on "Reign" is not pictured here with her cast mates. </em>

  • <big><strong>Clarissa</strong></big> A mysterious young woman in "Reign," a name not new to TV.

  • Davina

    <big><strong>Davina</strong></big> A 16-year-old witch with a dark side in "The Originals."

  • <big><strong>Freya</strong></big> One of the young generation of witches in "The Witches of East End."

  • <big><strong>Greer</strong></big> <em>See Aylee—</em> an Old Hollywood name beginning to be reconsidered. <em>Actress Celina Sinden who plays Greer in "Reign" is not pictured here. </em>

  • <big><strong>Ingrid</strong></big> <em>See Freya</em> -- another Old Hollywood name, this one with a Nordic touch.

  • <big><strong>Kenna</strong></big> <em>See Aylee</em> -- an original name with some potential as a successor to Jenna.

  • <big><strong>Lisette</strong></big> A non-Hispanic appellation for a Latina mom in "Welcome to the Family."

  • <big><strong>Lola</strong></big> One of Mary Stuart’s main ladies-in-waiting in "Reign." In sixteenth century France? Really?

  • <big><strong>Lulu</strong></big> An attractive "former trophy wife" in "Back in the Game."

  • <big><strong>Marika</strong></big> One of Rebel Wilson’s nerdy-ish pals in "Super Fun Night."

  • <big><strong>Samira</strong></big> A second-generation Pakistani immigrant character who's a talented musician, in "Lucky 7."

  • <big><strong>Sandrine</strong></big> A character named Sandrine played by an actress named Sandrine -- exotic model Sandrine Holt -- in "Hostages."

  • <big><strong>Sawyer</strong></big> Sawyer is a little girl on "Hostages" -- evidencing the growing gender-bending of the name. (Sara Gilbert, pictured, and Diane Farr both have daughters named Sawyer).

  • <big><strong>Violet</strong></big> The young daughter/granddaughter on "Mom." A name everyone already loves.

  • <big><strong>Alaric</strong></big> In "The Originals," he’s a dishy vampire hunter who goes by the nickname Ric.

  • <big><strong>Archer</strong></big> A somewhat intimidating ex-military guy in "Hostages."

  • <big><strong>Baxter</strong></big> A typical TV ex-husband type on "Mom."

  • <big><strong>Crawford</strong></big> A not so likable dad on "Dads," played by Martin Mull.

  • <big><strong>Dash</strong></big> On "The Witches of East End," yet another ex-model plays the brother of Killian.

  • <big><strong>Dudley</strong></big> An appealingly awkward pre-teen (not pictured) on "Back in the Game."

  • <big><strong>Duncan</strong></big> The rogue FBI agent played by Dylan McDermott on "Hostages."

  • <big><strong>Jedikiah</strong></big> An unusual twist on an Old Testament name, worn by a fierce, shape-changing robot in "The Tomorrow People."

  • <big><strong>Killian</strong></big> The two groovy guys bearing this name are in "The Tomorrow People" and "The Witches of East End."

  • <big><strong>Kives</strong></big> An unexplained offbeat name for a somewhat obnoxious chick-magnet type in "Hello Ladies." Guess we’ll have to watch for an explanation.

  • <big><strong>Kramer</strong></big> No, it’s not Cosmo Kramer but Kramer Delaney on "Hostages." Could Kramer be the next Cohen ? Doubt it.

  • <big><strong>Roscoe</strong></big> A cute Nameberryish-named child on "Mom."

  • <big><strong>Thatcher</strong></big> We may think of him as an up-and-coming baby boy name, but on Betrayal he’s an elderly father figure, just as Thatcher Grey was on Grey’s Anatomy.

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