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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse While Boxing Day Shopping

Posted: 12/20/2012 12:58 pm

As we get ready to welcome 2013 and make the final decision on that perfect NYE dress for next week -- a look back at 2012 shows zombies were pretty in style this year.

If you aren't bracing yourself for the end of the world on December 21, you're scouting zombie-proof bunkers for the zombie apocalypse, right?

Well, whether you think you're prepared or not for the return of the dead, we've got news for you. If you can survive the mall on Boxing Day, we're pretty confident you could survive a zombie apocalypse.

You may still be mentally preparing yourself for the arrival of Santa, the consumption of mass amounts of delicious holiday goodness and surviving the hugs of dozens of relatives (some may argue this is worse than zombies) -- that's cool. But we know our fashionista followers are really bracing themselves for the shopping marathon happening on December 26 (or 27 depending on your location!)

Here are five tips to surviving a zombie apocalypse Boxing Day at the mall:

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Zombie Apocalypse or Boxing Day at the Mall?

1) Layer Up

Depending on your location, the weather may be a bit chilly in those early hours of the morning as you get in line to score that 50-inch TV or be the first to enter the mall to gain access to the Aldo shoe sale you've dreamed of all December. Dress for the outdoor weather (leave your coat in the car if you can once the doors open) and wear a tank top and leggings if possible underneath any remaining layers.

Dressing room lines will be long and some retailers choose not to open their dressing rooms at all on Boxing Day. By wearing thin, tight clothing underneath, you can try on items in the store, reducing time spent in lines and maximizing your mall coverage. You can also move much faster in less clothing to escape zombies or crazed shoppers.

2) Wear Your Runners

It's true. Any zombie apocalypse Boxing Day shopping expert knows, there will be running, dodging and potentially leaping to score those limited items that everyone wants this year. Choose shoes that will not only increase your performance but try to find a pair that slip on and off easily. This will come in handy when you have merely seconds to grab, try on and buy that last pair of size eight boots on the shelf. Lastly, always remember to stretch before heading to the mall on Boxing Day. Warmed up limbs are way more effective.

3) Leave Your Purse Home

It will only drag you down. With hoards of people shoving and pushing, trying to get into the very store that your golden ticket item hangs in, you can't afford to be dragged down by your Michael Kors bag. Carry the essentials -- cash (makes for easier and quick transactions) your debit or credit card and some identification (just in case). Emergency first aid kit optional.

4) Bring a Sidekick

There is safety in numbers. Similarly, there are shopping successes in numbers but only if you're paired up (responsibility for the lives of too many will only hamper your survival shopping efforts as friends get lost in the crowds). Your boyfriend or husband will work best for the exact reason that you won't have to fight him for the last pair of Tory Burch ballet flats but your best friend will also suffice if she can be trusted not to snatch those limited items you're after.

Sidekicks come in especially handy if there are two stores who both have lineups for that door crasher you've just got to have -- together you can divide and conquer. If you're in a dressing room and need the next size up , your bestie can probably get that item to you faster than any store clerk swamped with requests.

5) Carry Snacks

Sustenance is key to survival and not only will having some tasty snacks stashed in your pockets keep your energy at its best. If you're carrying delicious treats, you can always use them as bribery if it comes down to a battle over that last size 12 BCBG dress with someone who looks faint.

With these tips you'll not only survive the mall on Boxing Day -- those zombies won't stand a chance when the apocalypse comes.

Do you have a Boxing Day shopping tip? What are the hot ticket items you're after this year? We can't wait to hear about your shopping plans and we hope amidst the crazy - you'll find a moment to snap a photo with BeauCoo to share your golden find!

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  • Indigo, Chapters & Coles

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Wednesday, Dec. 26 <strong>What You Get:</strong> In-store sales of up to 75 per cent off on select home décor, books, toys and accessories. They're also offering a great deal on the Kobo Arc (16GB for $200; 32GB for $250; 64GB for $300). With the purchase of one Kobo Arc you can get a Kobo Mini (valued at $80) for free. Online customers will find discounts on bestsellers.

  • Old Navy

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Wednesday, Dec. 26 to Saturday, Dec. 29 <strong>What You Get:</strong> Up to 70 per cent off on adult and children's clothing.

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  • Future Shop

    <strong>The Details:</strong> The online sale starts Monday, Dec. 24 at 8 p.m. <strong>What You Get:</strong> For all you tech lovers and die-hard gamers, there'll be bargains on video games, computers, tech gizmos and gadgets galore.

  • The Home Depot

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Thursday, Dec. 20 to Sunday, Jan. 6 <strong>What You Get:</strong> Bargains for all your home needs and get an extra 10 per cent off the last ticketed price on all major appliances.

  • Best Buy

    <strong>The Details:</strong> The online sale starts Monday, Dec. 24 and the in-store sale begins Wednesday, Dec. 26 <strong>What You Get:</strong> For all things tech and electronic, you'll find great bargains here. The company is even offering a price-beat promise (find a lower price anywhere and they'll match it). If you're an online shopper, you can even reserve your products online for fast and easy in-store pickup.

  • Thyme Maternity

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Tuesday, Dec. 18 to Monday, Dec. 31 <strong>What You Get:</strong> Up to 50 per cent off stylish maternity wear. Find cardigans starting at $39, pants starting at $49, shirts starting at $29 and loungewear starting at $39.

  • Canada Computers

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Wednesday, Dec. 26 <strong>What You Get:</strong> From cameras to computers, they're offering door crashers that will make any tech-savvy customer happy. (Though they aren't specifying the discount amount yet.)

  • The Brick

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Wednesday, Dec. 26 <strong>What You Get:</strong> Doors open at 6 a.m. (so get enough shut-eye the night before). You can get 50 per cent off select items like mattress and sofa sets. They're even selling 1,500 seven-inch tablets for only $68.

  • Walmart

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Online sale starts Friday, Dec. 21 <strong>What You Get:</strong> It's Walmart... what can't you get? Watch them slash low prices even lower! <a href="http://www.walmart.ca/en">Get full discount deals here</a>.

  • Fred Perry

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Wednesday, Dec. 26 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. <strong>What You Get:</strong> 50 per off on Fred Perry wear

  • Oliver Spencer

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Wednesday, Dec. 26 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. <strong>What You Get:</strong> 50 per cent off stylish menswear

  • Canadian Tire

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    <strong>The Details:</strong> Wednesday, Dec. 26 <strong>What You Get:</strong> Up to 50 per cent off on seasonal and fall/winter collections including Lifetime, Something Else, 213 Industry, Gant, Cheap Monday, Levi's and more!

  • Over The Rainbow

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Sale starts on Wednesday, Dec 26 at 8 a.m. and runs through the week. <strong>What You Get:</strong> All fall/winter fashion items like shirts, sweaters and jackets (except for the brand Canada Goose) and accessories like bags, shoes and jewellery are on sale. Get up to 50 per cent off on denim and keep an eye out for some amazing door crashers starting at $25.

  • Thomas Sabo

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Wednesday, Dec. 26 to Thursday, Jan. 31 <strong>What You Get:</strong> Get excited! This is the <em>first ever</em> worldwide Thomas Sabo sale! All Thomas Sabo Signature shops and retailers are offering 40 per cent off on select merchandise!

  • Gotstyle Menswear

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Wednesday, Dec. 26 starting at 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. <strong>What You Get:</strong> Thirty to 40 per cent off everything. You'll find all your favourite designers. Here's just a snippet of what they offer: Moose Knuckles, Nobis, Psycho Bunny, John Varvatos, Zanerobe, Ted Baker, Strellson, Sand, G Lab, Tombolini, Marshall Artist, Moods Of Norway, Haight & Ashbury, Dr. Denim, AG, PRPS, Velvet, Gsus, Johnny Love, No Brand, Adidas SLVR, Sully Wong, Goorin Hats, Tiger Of Sweden, Lab, Cerruti 1881 and more!

  • Amazon.ca

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Starting 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 26 for an entire week! <strong>What You Get:</strong> Get up to 25 per cent off Beats headphones and speakers, up to 40 per cent off select digital cameras from Panasonic, Olympus and Canon, up to 78 per cent off memory cards and up to 75 per cent off select movies and television shows. Find more amazing deals <a href="http://www.amazon.ca/boxingday">here</a>

  • Mobilicity

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Sales start on Tuesday, Dec. 18 to Monday, Dec. 31. <strong>What You Get:</strong> You can save up to $150 on select smartphones. But keep in mind, quantities are limited.

  • H&M

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Sales start on Wednesday, Dec. 26 at 7:03 a.m. <strong>What You Get:</strong> Get ready to go elbow-to-elbow because the first 100 people at selected H&M's across the country will get up to $300 off their purchase. Prices are slashed on hundreds of items throughout the store — so you can expect those $5 deals!

  • Wind

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Wednesday, Dec. 26 to Monday, Dec. 31 <strong>What You Get:</strong> Get a free Xbox when you buy any Windows phone and activate a $40 Unlimited Wish plan. If you're among the first ten customers to sign up on Boxing Day, you'll also receive a $100 service credit. Other smartphones start at $0 when you sign up for a plans in-store. For more information, click <a href="http://www.windmobile.ca/en/Pages/BoxingWeek.aspx?crashers">here</a>.

  • Jones New York

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Sale begins on Wednesday, Dec. 26 to Thursday, Dec. 27. <strong>What You Get:</strong>Get up to 80 per cent off the original price and save up to 70 per cent on everything else in store.

  • Fido

    <strong>The Details:</strong> Boxing week sales end Monday, Dec. 31. <strong>What You Get:</strong> Get the first month free when you sign up for a Fido agreement up until December 31.

  • EB Games

    <strong>The Details:</strong> In store and online sales begin on Wednesday, Dec. 26 to Monday, Dec. 31. <strong>What You Get:</strong> Save $100 on the Xbox 360 250GB holiday bundle and get up to $40 off video games like Halo 4, Diablo, Max Payne 3 and more!

  • Aritzia

    The Details: In store sales start at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 26. But you can start shopping <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/12/21/boxing-day-sales-2012-canada_n_2346506.html?just_reloaded=1">online</a> now! <strong>What You Get: </strong>Save between 20 to 50 per cent on all fall and winter fashions.

  • Eddie Bauer

    <strong>The Details:</strong> The sale is on now, but we don't know for how long! <strong>What You Get:</strong> Get up to 60 per cent off select men's, women's and kids' merchandise both in store and online.

  • Henry's

    <strong>The Details:</strong> In store sales begin on Wednesday, Dec. 26 to Wednesday, Jan. 2 <strong>What You Get:</strong> All memory cards, lighting equipment and Sigma lenses are on sale. Get cameras at reduced prices and save big on lenses from Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and more. Save at least 20 per cent on all bags, cases and tripods.


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