100 Huntley Street Is Not Anti Gay

02/11/2013 11:29 EST | Updated 04/12/2013 05:12 EDT

With the privilege of blogging at Huffington Post Alberta, I am reading the newspaper a lot. On Sunday this is the headline story Anti Gay Religious Group Gets Funding From CIDA To Work In Africa.

If you have ever watched 100 Huntley Street (by Crossroads Communications) you will know that they are not anti gay. In fact Mainse Jr. who took over from his father, and his beautiful wife, are the kindest most compassionate people ever. Seriously, watch their show, here is a link - they archive all the shows on the web, and be amazed at a good caring uplifting compassionate servant ministry

And yes, they want to help bring clean drinking water to Africa.

I am sure Crossroads will do the right thing, and advise Uganda to protect the civil rights of all people, no matter race, creed, colour or sexual orientation. However, to advise against a homosexual lifestyle, due to the substantially increased risk of AIDS and STDs, is also the right, and loving and caring thing to do, especially from a Christian perspective. Perhaps the writer of this news story has everything backwards, and that Crossroads, can bring not only clean water to Uganda, but tolerance and understanding as well.

Also, please read this classic essay on the web, the irony of which is that it is being made available to us courtesy of Richard Dawkins. Matthew Parris: As an athiest I truely believe Africa needs God.