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How to Break Up on Valentine's Day

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1. Prepare a feast for your special Valentine.

2. Put on some music.

3. Light some candles.

4. Suggest breaking up.

5. (silence)

6. Tell each other how much you have enjoyed the other person: his/her
generosity, wisdom, sense of humour, eccentricities, tenderness.

7. Tell each other how much you have enjoyed being a couple:
sharing meals, trips, end-of-day reflections, the occasionally mind-blowing love-making.

8. Tell each other how much you have enjoyed learning from the other person:
how someone else approaches life's pleasures, pains, and day-to-days; your current 'triggers'; how to remain a 'professional' loving human being rather than the insecure self that is always rested and ready to work.

9. Tell each other how glad you are:
that you are breaking up with dignity and consciousness rather than by 'cheating'; that you share the same order of priorities: God, growth, relationships.

10. Sort out details:
Choose date for closure (two months?).
Choose date for break-up celebration with all your friends.

11. Really LOOK into each other's eyes.

12. Finish dinner, clean up, and make plans!