Wedding Planning Startup Prevents Bridezillas

02/15/2013 04:14 EST | Updated 04/17/2013 05:12 EDT

The flowers were gorgeous, the chocolate decadent, and the dinner was absolutely exquisite, and you're thinking this guy just rocked Valentine's Day 2013. He's a keeper. Maybe you weren't thinking about the possibility this was the year for an après dessert little box, and that down on his knee proposal. He's serious.

While saying YES probably wasn't that difficult, you're now just realizing the behemoth challenge in front of you; planning arguable one of the biggest events of your life. You are probably also trying to reassure yourself there's no Bridezilla gene in you.

Vancouver startup Weddingful is all about ensuring Bridezilla remains just a myth. Founder and CEO Angel Pui was determined to fix the dilemma she was seeing firsthand.

While women are really excited to be engaged, they're generally not very excited to plan the wedding. Early in Pui's career as a wedding dress designer she got an intimate look at how overwhelming, stressful and confusing the planning process is for many prospective brides.

2013-02-12-Weddingful_ListingIpad1.png Weddingful has recently added the social layer to this process, and is allowing people to sign in with their Facebook credentials.

Most people deem planning and coordination as painful, but Weddingful is creating a social community and adding in some fun. Bride-to-be's can chat with others, read useful comments, browse beautiful photos and keep track of everything they need to create a lifetime of wedding day memories.

Instead of asking around for recommendations or doing countless hours of research, brides can search, browse and find information on vendors, including "dirt" on them. Weddingful is delivering valuable reviews you want to know before hiring someone for upwards of a few thousand dollars. Years of research and reviews by other brides can now be shared, just like passing around a wedding binder.

Connecting their clients to the vendors makes Weddingful even more valuable. They deliver difficult to find information (such as pricing), add more efficiency with calendar availability dates, and a place to message, connect and ultimately book the vendors products or services.

Weddingful connects brides in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and another 60 major U.S. cities.

Now with a team of seven, Pui is seeing Weddingful really take off. They say they're seeing a 900 per cent growth in traffic and page views since launching this new version of the community.

While brides have a place for pretty photos and inspirations like Pinterest, what they now have with Weddingful is a place that offers a way to make informed and efficient decisions to make all the co-ordination easier. Bye, bye Bridezilla, and hello to a lifetime of wedding day memories.