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Starting a Successful Business During a Recession

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Nellie Akalp is one of those rare entrepreneurs who can claim that she's successfully built a company, sold that company for several millions of dollars, raised four kids, took some time off to enjoy her role as a mom and then decided to do it all over again by launching a brand new business (CorpNet) and go head to head with the owners of her former company!

It sounds overwhelming writing this, but Nellie manages it all with grace and cool! In this interview she talks about the reality of launching a new business and the lessons of marketing a business in a fairly competitive niche.

Here's something else you'll love about this interview with Nellie Akalp:

She started her second company in the middle of a recession. You'll absolutely want to find out how she was able to successfully navigate one of the most challenging time for most small businesses.

Is it easier the second time around? You'll find out when you listen to my interview with Nellie Akalp: