April 24, 2017

'Stealthing' Is A Scary New Sex Trend Trying To Make Assault OK

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Retirement Home Wedding Makes Us Believe In Love All Over Again

Retirement Home Wedding
simarik via Getty Images

Ikea Wants To Do For Restaurants What It's Done For Furniture

Ikea Food Restaurants
William Van Hecke via Getty Images

12 Books You'll Feel Good About Sharing With Your Mom

Books For Mom
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The Sad Reason Why You Should Cut Down On White Wine

White Wine
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5 Foods That Fight Joint Pain Fast

Joint Pain
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The Number Of Teen Girls Who've Faced Sexual Violence Is Shocking

Crying Teenager
Antonio_Diaz via Getty Images

Prince Harry Isn't Quite Ready To Talk About Meghan Markle

Prince Harry
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Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Her 91st Birthday At Home

Queen Elizabeth Balcony
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Mixed Couples Share What They've Learned About Culture

Mixed Couples

This Is The Biggest Stressor On Relationships

Couple Fighting
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Turns Out Women Prefer Bigger Boobs, Too

Bra Size
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We Are All For These Canadians On Time's Most Influential List

Time Most Influential 2017 Canadians

Kim Kardashian Reminds Us To Never Take Medical Advice From Her

Kim Kardashian Flu Tweet
Mike Segar / Reuters

Using Bath Bombs Could Put You In Vaginal Hell

VladimirFLoyd via Getty Images

Yep, Birth Control Pills Can Make You Feel Terrible

Birth Control Pill
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A Humiliating Experience Helped Her Get In The Best Shape Ever

Gracielle Guhit
Gracielle Guhit

Creativity Really Does Make Men Sexier; Women, Not So Much

Woman Laughing At Man
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Prince William Says He Still Feels Shock Over Diana's Death

Prince William Princess Diana
Julian Parker via Getty Images

Mental Health Groups Don't Want You To Watch '13 Reasons Why'

13 Reasons Why

3 Seated Exercises That Will Soothe Sore Knees

Sitting Knee Pain
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Prince William And Lady Gaga FaceTime To Chat About Mental Health

Prince William

10 Restaurants Changing The Food Landscape In Quebec City

Tartar Station
Photo fournie par TARTAR Station

Easter Egg Finally Found After 9 Years Of Hiding

Old Easter Egg
Youtube / Reddit McReddit

It's All Downhill For Creativity After Age 25

Random Decision Making
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Ashley Graham's Memoir Reveals Sexual Assault At Age 10

Ashley Graham
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These Celebs With Autism Prove Everyone Can Find Success


The Prince Of Wales Is Coming To Celebrate Canada's 150th

Prince Charles And Camilla And Canada
Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

Clear Coffee Is A Thing Now And People Don't Know How To Feel

Clear Coffee
CLR CFF/Instagram

Prince Harry Almost Had A 'Complete Breakdown' After Diana's Death

Prince Harry
Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

A Heroin Addict-Turned-CEO Is Pushing A Shopping Cart Across Canada

Joe Roberts Push For Change
The Push for Change

Meghan Markle Might Actually Join Prince Harry At Pippa's Wedding

Meghan Markle
Larry Busacca via Getty Images

Even More Flour Brands Are Being Recalled Across Canada

Flour Recall Canada

William, Kate And Queen Elizabeth II Celebrate Easter (Sans-Kids)

Prince William Kate Middleton Easter
Samir Hussein via Getty Images

14 Easter Dinner Foods No One At The Table Will Pass Up

Easter Dinner
mphillips007 via Getty Images

Researchers Have Figured Out How To Stop You From Cheating

Cheating On Test
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Kegels Will NOT Fix Everything

Pelvic Health
ChesiireCat via Getty Images

Map Reveals Name Origins Of Canada's Provinces And Territories


The Sweet Story Behind New Princess Diana Memorial Garden

White Garden

This Is What Happens When Someone Objects At A Wedding

Surprised Bride And Groom
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Cosmo's New Weight Loss Tip Is.. Cancer

Cosmo Tweet

The Queen Has The Best Hack For Breaking In Her Shoes

Queen Elizabeth
POOL New / Reuters

Actress Abigail Breslin Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted

Abigail Breslin
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

TV Show That Asks If Women Are Fat Or Pregnant Sparks Outrage

Fat Or Pregnant
Lisa Bouyeure/Twitter

Want To Exercise Your Brain? Drink Wine

Drinking Wine
Photo by Rafa Elias via Getty Images

Men Share Their Honest Thoughts About Receiving Oral Sex

Couple Bed
PeopleImages via Getty Images

6 Drool-Worthy Recipes For Grilled Cheese Month

Grilled Cheese
LauriPatterson via Getty Images

Janelle Monae Wants To Stop Having Sex With 'Evil Men'

Janelle Monae
Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

'The Underground Railroad' Takes Top Book Prize

Colson Whitehead Pulitzer
ullstein bild via Getty Images

Janet Jackson Slammed As 'Gold Digger' Due To Timing Of Divorce

Janet Jackson
Kevork Djansezian / Reuters

Blame Your Brain For Your Lack Of Sleep

WIN-Initiative via Getty Images

'Gilmore Girls' Stars Know Exactly How We Feel About That Ending

Lauren Graham Alexis Bledel
Amanda Edwards via Getty Images

Trailer For Controversial Movie About Trans Man Finally Released

Elle Fanning

Tattoos May Interfere With The Way You Sweat

Belyjmishka via Getty Images

8 Superfoods That Help Combat Diabetes

simpson33 via Getty Images

A Website Could Help Save A Million Pounds Of Perfectly Good Food

Second Harvest
HuffPost Canada

This Cab Service Offers A Blissfully Silent Ride

Cab Japan
101cats via Getty Images

MTV Awards Gets Rid Of ‘Best Actress' Category

Mtv Movie Awards
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

Mysterious Photo Album In Thunder Bay Bookstore Seeking Owner

Old Photo Album
Image Source via Getty Images

Canada's Food Guide Was This Woman's Secret Weight Loss Weapon

Sandra Anselmo
Sandra Anselmo

KFC Vows To Use Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Pascal Deloche via Getty Images

Anxiety Is Impossible To Put Into Words. These People Did It.

KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

The First Research On Zika's Effects Is Here, And It's Not Good

Zika Virus Effects
kjekol via Getty Images

He Vowed To Hire Refugees At All His Restaurants. That Was Just The Start.

Mohamed Fakih Paramount Food Ceo

Russell Peters' Rape Joke Pissed A LOT Of People Off

Russell Peters
George Pimentel via Getty Images
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