October 21, 2016

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You Can Get Served Popcorn By Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson
Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

The Surprising Way Some Foods May Cause Migraines

Asian Woman Migraine
Jay_Zynism via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton: 'The Government Has No Business' In Abortion Decisions

Horizontal Candidate Election Politics

Reconciliation Was On Everyone's Mind At WE Day Toronto

Pearl Wenjack We Day 2016
We Day

A Racist Woman Didn't Want To Be Served By This Black Barista

Black Barista Customer

Emma Stone Calls Ryan Gosling 'Bloodthirsty' Before Impersonating Britney Spears

Emma Stone
C Flanigan via Getty Images

What To Pack If You Need To Evacuate Your Home

Emergency Kit
Pamela Moore via Getty Images

Indigenous Leaders Explain 'Why We're Not Your Mascot'

Ryan Mcmahon
The Breath Films

This Simple Rule Makes Healthy Eating A Cinch

Veggie Plate
Elena_Danileiko via Getty Images

Too Hot To Handle? Pepper Leads To Hole In Man's Esophagus

Ghost Pepper
DebbiSmirnoff via Getty Images

Guillermo Del Toro Really Loves Hamilton

Guillermo Del Toro
Albert L. Ortega via Getty Images

Are UTIs STIs? Your Questions About Urinary Tract Infections, Answered

Holding Pee
andriano_cz via Getty Images

The Duchess Of Cambridge's Grandmother Had A Pretty Cool Job

Kate Middleton
Pool via Getty Images

Why You Should Stop Scheduling Time With Friends

Rawpixel Ltd via Getty Images

Bride Drops 110 Pounds After Seeing Her Engagement Photos

Bride Weight Loss

Why Do Filipino-Canadians Send Boxes Of Spam Back Home?

Brown Boxes
Tetra Images via Getty Images

10 Things You Should Know About Mammograms (At Any Age)

Mammogram Cancer
Yellow Dog Productions via Getty Images

The Best Foods For Brain Health Also Help Your Heart

Adam Gault via Getty Images

Five Cold-Fighting Foods To Add To Your Diet

Ginger Tea
ChamilleWhite via Getty Images

103-Year-Old Torontonian's Dancing Dream Comes True

Kitty Cohen Blake Mcgrath
Karen Szonok/YouTube

Rose McGowan Says She Was Raped By Movie Executive

Rose Mcgowan Rape
Monica Schipper via Getty Images

Fear Of Holes: What You Need To Know About Trypophobia

Pancake Holes
Gyltiss via Getty Images

Beyonce Won't Let A Ripped, Bleeding Ear Stop Her From Performing

Shareif Ziyadat via Getty Images

13 Fun And Spooky Pumpkin Patches To Visit Across Canada

Pumpkin Patch
Neil Beckerman via Getty Images

I Learned Arabic As An Adult To Reclaim My Palestinian Heritage

Muslim Brotherhood
kateja_f via Getty Images

The Easiest Way To Separate Pumpkin Seeds From The Guts

Pumpkin Guts
Sara Lynn Paige via Getty Images

30 Scary Movies And Shows On Netflix This October


Sophie Grégoire Trudeau: Why My Family Talks Openly About Mental Health

Sophie Grgoire Trudeau

#WhyWomenDontReport Is An Unfortunate Reality For Many Women

Joan Vicent Canto Roig via Getty Images

Black Woman Doctor Told By Flight Crew They Need An 'Actual Physician'

Tamika Cross

Kevin Hart Is So Scared He Farts In Haunted House

Jimmy Fallon Kevin Hart

This Garlic Parmesan Pasta Recipe With Olive Oil Is Simply Supreme

Tagliolini Aglio E Olio With Parmigiano Reggiano
Huffington Post Canada

Gord Downie Hopes He 'Can Get More Time'

Gord Downie
Mark Horton via Getty Images

20 Easy Halloween Decor Ideas For Inside And Outside The House

Halloween Decor

What You Need To Know About Breast Cancer (Before Freaking Out)

Breast Cancer Signs
Peathegee Inc via Getty Images

7 Tips For Dating As A Widow Or Widower

Seniors Dating
Manoj Adlukay via Getty Images

The Best And Worst Cities For Women From Coast To Coast To Coast

Victoria British Columbia
Mitch Diamond via Getty Images

Gord Downie Releases Haunting New Video For 'The Stranger'

Gord Downie The Stranger
Gord Downie/YouTube

The Bee Gees' 'Stayin' Alive' Literally Helps Save A Life

Bee Gees 1977
Ed Caraeff/Morgan Media via Getty Images

Gord Downie Struggles With Memory Loss, Including His Kids' Names

Gord Downie Memory
Marcus Oleniuk via Getty Images


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28 Slow Cooker Dessert Ideas That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Slow Cooker Dessert

Duchess Kate Delights Royal Watchers On British Airways Flight

Catherine Cambridge
REMKO DE WAAL via Getty Images

Pregnant Dog Got Her Own Maternity Photo Shoot

Golden Retriever Maternity Photos
Inside Edition/Screenshot

Group Halloween Costumes That'll Win You All The Prizes

Group Halloween Costume
gpointstudio via Getty Images

7 Superstitions Children Of Immigrants Will Never Stop Believing

Superstition Cutting Nails Night

Teen's Pen-Pal Program Reveals The Challenges Girls Face In Refugee Camp

Kakuma Girls
Huffington Post Canada

Disney's Live Action 'Mulan' Remake To Star All-Asian Cast

Jack Rowand via Getty Images

28 Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

Leftover Recipes
The Gourmet RD

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Speaks Out On Trump's Locker Room Remark

Sophie Trudeau
Tara Walton via Getty Images

15 Of Toronto's Best New Restaurants To Try Out This Fall

Best Toronto Restaurants
Huffpost Canada

The 15-Minute Workout That Can Be Done Anywhere

g-stockstudio via Getty Images

Céline Dion Says She's Only Loved And Kissed One Man In Her Life

Celine Dion Rene Kiss
Frank Micelotta via Getty Images

When Do The Clocks Go Back This Fall?

Daylight Saving Time
Karen Roach via Getty Images

Carved Pineapples Make The Coolest Halloween Jack O' Lanterns

Carved Pineapple
KonArt via Getty Images

To My Immigrant Parents: Thank You For Taking A Chance On Canada

Couple Suitcase
vladans via Getty Images

Pie Recipes That'll Put You In A Food Coma

Pumpkin Pie
Kudos Kitchen By Renée

Dog Lovers Protest Montreal's Pit Bull Ban With Kissing Booth

Pit Bull Kissing Booth
Dog Fest Montreal

Shailene Woodley Livestreams Her Arrest At A Pipeline Protest

Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley/Facebook

Jays SWEEP Rangers After Donaldson Slides Home To Win The Game

Josh Donaldson Alds Blue Jays Win
Mark Clinch/CP

Say Goodbye To Beer Cans At Blue Jays Games

Blue Jays Beer Cans
Nathan Denette/CP

Billy Bush Suspended By NBC, Will Not Apologize On 'Today'

Billy Bush Suspended
The Washington Post via Getty Images

This Is How You Order Beer In 17 Countries

Woman Ordering Beer
portishead1 via Getty Images

This Tweet Shows Why It's Frustrating To Be A Woman In Tech

Woman Computer Scientist
Hero Images via Getty Images

Pumpkin Pie Gets An Allergy-Friendly Make Over

Pumpkin Pie
Pauline Osena/HypeFoodie

World's Most Polite Baseball Trash Talk Is Back (Featuring Oshawa)

Toronto Public Library
Twitter/Toronto Public Library
Today's Living Videos