March 26, 2017

'Handmaid's Tale' Trailer Is Terrifying, But We Can't Look Away

Handmaids Tale Trailer

Watch Out World, Prince George Is Headed To School!

Prince George Royal
Pool via Getty Images

5 Reasons Constance Wu Is One Kickass Woman

Constance Wu
David Crotty via Getty Images

Jay Z Is On A Quest To 'Change The World' Through Film

Jay Z Trayvon Martin Film
Dave Kotinsky via Getty Images

Worst Guy Ever Only Matches With Woman On Tinder To Fat-Shame Her

Mat Hayward via Getty Images

A Rare Strep Infection Caused This Woman To Become An Amputee

Cari Kirkness Strep Throat

Ryan Gosling Explains Why He Laughed During THAT Oscars Mix-Up

Ryan Gosling

Learn The Facts Of TB On World Tuberculosis Day

stockdevil via Getty Images

You Might Not Want To Admit It, But You Do Have A Dating Type

Similar Guys
Peter Cade via Getty Images

Petition Calls Out Netflix For Whitewashing Actors In 'Death Note'

Death Note

Rare Cancer Linked To Breast Implants

Breast Implants
BranislavP via Getty Images

'Hamilton' To Hit The Stage In Toronto In 2019

Hamilton Toronto 2019
Bruce Glikas via Getty Images

Taking The Pill Can Help Women Prevent Some Cancers

Birth Control
areeya_ann via Getty Images

Federal Budget Has Good News For Families Across The Country

Canada Budget Childcare
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

3 Yoga Moves You Can Actually Do In Bed

Yoga In Bed
fizkes via Getty Images

Trudeau Gov't Pledges $101 Million To Reduce Violence Against Women

Maryam Monsef Trudeau

This Sleep Calculator Finds You The Perfect Time To Go To Bed

Ideal Sleep Calculator
Maxim Chuvashov via Getty Images

Simultaneous Orgasms Might Be Happening More Than You Think

Couple Sex
KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

Meghan Markle On Being Labelled 'Ethnically Ambiguous' In Hollywood

Meghan Markle
Desiree Navarro via Getty Images

A Tight Airplane Seatbelt Scared This Woman Into Dropping 50 Pounds

Amber Morden
Amber Morden

This Epic 'Wheel Of Fortune' Fail Will Make You Facepalm Hard

Wheel Of Fortune

New Gene Test Might Indicate When You'll Develop Alzheimer's

Genetic Testing
luchschen via Getty Images

10 Ways To Love Yourself Unconditionally

Love Yourself
izusek via Getty Images

Canadians Can Soon Buy Big Mac Sauce In Stores

Big Mac
David Marsden via Getty Images

Indigenous Women Shouldn't Have To Live In Fear. But They Do

Tasha Hubbard

Is It Ever OK To Have A Work Wife Or Work Husband?

Business Woman

Why People Get Antsy After Not Having Sex For A Couple Days

Black Couple Sex
jhorrocks via Getty Images

Planned Parenthood Releases Abortion Explainer Videos

LSOphoto via Getty Images

'Power Rangers' Will Be The First Superhero Film With A Gay Protagonist

Power Rangers

Princess Diana Letters Show Troubling Start To Her Marriage

Princess Diana Prince Charles Honeymoon
Mirrorpix via Getty Images

Canada Slips To Lowest Ranking Yet On World Happiness Scale

Canadian Woman

Unwashed Rice Can Leave Behind Alarming Levels Of Arsenic

bennyartist via Getty Images

How Canadian Women Feel About The Word 'Slut'

Women Slut Word

Gender-Based Violence Report Will Address Rape Culture: Tory MP

Marilyn Gladu

Kim Kardashian 'Mentally Prepared' For Death During Robbery

Kim Kardashian
Pierre Suu via Getty Images

Wonder Woman Fans Are Angry About Gal Gadot's Armpits

Gal Gadot
Henry Romero / Reuters

Emma Watson Is Raking In The Cash For 'Beauty And The Beast'

Emma Watson
ANGELA WEISS via Getty Images

Five Facts And Fictions About Cellulite

miljko via Getty Images


Prince Edward Island Food
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Canada Is Gorgeous And These 20 National Parks Prove It

AlbertoLoyo via Getty Images


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Nine Things You Need To Do When Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Diagnosis
ilbusca via Getty Images

Will And Kate Head To Paris Nearly 20 Years After Princess Diana's Death

William And Catherine

This Is How Much Sex You Should Have To Be Happy

Couple Bed
Sneksy via Getty Images

9 Teen Stresses You DGAF About As An Adult

artJazz via Getty Images

Kal Penn's Old Scripts Reveal Stereotyping In Hollywood Is Real

Kal Penn
GUS RUELAS / Reuters

That One Time Matthew Perry Beat Up Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau Matthew Perry

Nelly Furtado On Being Told To 'Go Back To Portugal'

Nelly Furtado 2017
Carlos Osorio via Getty Images

What Does It Mean To Be Asexual?

Couple Kiss
franckreporter via Getty Images

Natural Ways To Get A Better Night's Sleep

PeopleImages via Getty Images

Gillian Anderson Wants To End The Shame Around Menopause

Gillian Anderson
Mike Pont via Getty Images

The New 'Anne Of Green Gables' Is Super Dark, Feminist

Anne The Series
Anne The Series/Facebook

This Toronto Photographer Is Celebrating Women's Sexuality (NSFW)

Sex Goddess Project
Ricardo Scipio

6 Things You Can Do To Make Psoriasis Better

Farina2000 via Getty Images

Detox Facts: What's True And What's Myth?

Maria Grigorova via Getty Images

Internet Uses 'Ghost In The Shell' Meme To Call Out Whitewashing

Ghost In The Shell

These Fruits And Veggies Can Help Fight Cancer

GMVozd via Getty Images

Saudi Arabia Launches Girls' Council... Without Any Girls

Qassim Girls Council
Qassim Girls Council

Hairstylist's Photos Show The Heartbreaking Effects Of Depression

Woman Haircut Salon
petekarici via Getty Images

11 Ways Newlyweds Can Get Through That First Year

Couple Married
UberImages via Getty Images

5 Feminist Podcasts That Will Leave You Feeling Empowered

Feminist Podcasts
2 Dope Queens/Facebook

Lesbians Often Told They Don't Need Pap Smears

Woman Gynecologist
fstop123 via Getty Images

Will And Kate Are Renovating Kensington Palace, Again

Will And Catherine
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

'Get Out' Star: 'I Resent That I Have To Prove That I'm Black'

Daniel Kaluuya
Albert L. Ortega via Getty Images

Meet One Canadian Who's Not Afraid Of Pushing Boundaries In Tech

Ashley Jane Lewis
Ashley Jane Lewis

These Sisters Are Fighting Islamophobia By Training In Hijabs

Yara And Nancy Helmy
The Scene
Today's Living Videos