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Summer Fun in a Turtleneck

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Women usually start summer with a weight loss goal.
And like most of us, I work tirelessly to achieve that weight loss goal before summer fully arrives. I make a list: Buy new shoes, Buy new handbag, Get a new haircut, Clean out closet, Lose 10 pounds.

I've done it all so far. Well, except for the last one. When I've done that I will be truly happy. I'll prance up the streets of Manhattan light as a feather, with my iPad and jeweled flip flops, sporting some fabulous new perfume from Beyonce.

The guilt my extra weight carries follows me everywhere, even holds me back. Go to the beach this weekend? No, can't do that it till I lose the ten pounds. Swim in a friend's Olympic sized pool in the Hamptons? Nope, not till I meet all of my goals.

Hey, that's okay. No really, I enjoy grilling hotdogs in a turtleneck. After all, who doesn't get a bit chilly in 95 degree temperatures.

For me, this demon cuts both ways. Why shouldn't I have a second helping of gourmet Gelato? It's not like I've reached my goal weight yet. I find myself pigging out on piggies in a blanket at my friend's wedding. People only get married once a lifetime, you know. The extra calories are so worth it.

Yes, lose weight, it's everywhere. It's nowhere. It's unattainable. Because when I finally attain it, I just make a new goal #5 for myself. My reasons for holding myself back just go and on.
Here's a thought. What if I lived right now, as if I've already reached my goal weight?
What would I do differently?

Does the old adage "Act As If" apply for weight loss?
I think I'll try it on for size.