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RECIPE: Antipasto Platter Appetizer

Posted: 07/09/2013 5:29 pm


Recently I was asked to bring an appetizer to a baby shower. Being in the middle of kitchen renovations, I was looking for something I could make in the limited space of my camper kitchen. This Antipasto platter was a good solution. It would also be a great make-ahead starter for a summer barbecue. You can come up with your own additions or substitutions but here is what I used on this platter.

1 jar pickled asparagus
1 package mini sweet peppers (can be found at Costco and most large supermarkets)
1 package herbed soft cheese (like Boursin)
Several varieties of dry salami - I used Wine salami and Bagged salami
Fontina or other Italian cheese cut into 1"x1"x 3" sticks
Canteloupe melon balls
Sliced proscuitto (Italian smoked ham)
Cherry tomatoes
Several varieties of olives from the deli
Small balls of Bocconcini ( fresh mozzarella)
Fresh herbs made into a mini bouquet and lettuce for garnish
Roll a slice of salami around each pickled asparagus spear
Halve and remove seeds from mini peppers Leaving the stem if possible.
Stuff each pepper half with herbed soft cheese
Wrap each melon ball in a slice of proscuitto and secure with a toothpick
Arrange all items on a large serving platter and garnish.
Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until serving

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