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How This Conservative Mayor Became a Champion for the Homeless

Andreas Krebs | Posted 01.22.2015 | Canada Politics
Andreas Krebs

Mayor Ted Clugston of Medicine Hat, Alberta has become the reluctant spokesperson for a controversial approach to reducing homelessness. Reluctant because just a few years ago, he opposed the initiative. Sometime in 2015, Medicine Hat will become the first municipality in Canada to eradicate homelessness.

Why Lower Fuel Prices Are Not a Reason to Celebrate

David Suzuki | Posted 01.22.2015 | Canada Business
David Suzuki

Some see low fuel prices as good news, but there are many downsides. With driving becoming less costly, more cars and trucks could be on the road, which is good for the auto industry but bad in terms of pollution, climate change and traffic accidents. And because the price of oil is now lower than the cost to extract oilsands bitumen, the industry is starting to put the brakes on rapid expansion plans -- bad news for workers and businesses in Fort McMurray and those heavily invested in the industry but good news for the planet.

'Underneath The Lintel' Has Air Of Unintended Anti-Semitism

Michael Groberman | Posted 01.21.2015 | Canada British Columbia
Michael Groberman

Berger's sloppy treatment of the Jewish and anti-Semitic materials gives the play itself an air of anti-Semitism. This naïve, somewhat lazy writing effort seems to go out of control and winds up in unintended territory. Bright comedy devolves to dark disorder.

Why This is the Optimal Time to Seize the Climate Change Moment

Cameron Fenton | Posted 01.20.2015 | Canada
Cameron Fenton

This is the climate movement's moment to seize. It's a moment for the labour movement and climate movement to join together to demand investment in re-tooling and re-training workers to build the new economy. It's a moment to divest from dangerous fossil fuels like tar sands and reinvest in the solutions that are here and growing.

Stop the Brutal Slaughter of Wolves in Alberta and B.C.

Chris Genovali | Posted 01.19.2015 | Canada
Chris Genovali

Mirroring Alberta, the the government of British Columbia has just announced a plan to kill close to 200 wolves in the South Selkirk and South Peace regions of the province to ostensibly "save caribou." The B.C. cull will employ helicopter gunning of wolves, carried out before the snowmelt.

Prentice Pans Talk Of Alberta Recession

CP | Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press | Posted 01.17.2015 | Canada Alberta

CALGARY - Premier Jim Prentice is scoffing at a suggestion by the Conference Board of Canada that Alberta is likely to face a recession as crude price...

Frozen Memories: Life-Affirming Trips That Don't Need To Happen In The Summer

Posted 01.27.2015 | Canada Travel

Where do you imagine you’ll take your next vacation? If you’re in love with the idea of the Great Canadian Winter, you can have fantastic experien...

Alberta Facing Some Bad Times In 2015

The Canadian Press | Posted 01.13.2015 | Canada Alberta

The Conference Board of Canada says Alberta will likely face a recession this year due to the plunging price of oil. The economic think tank says A...

Big Biomass 101: When Burning Wood for Energy Makes Sense

David Dodge | Posted 01.12.2015 | Canada Impact
David Dodge

The great boreal forest straddles the country and provinces from Nova Scotia to British Columbia have ample forestry resources. In a place like Canada biomass to energy can make a lot of sense. So we headed to the largest, closest biomass operation we could find -- the Alberta Pacific Forest Industries (ALPAC) pulp mill.

Stargazing With Chris Hadfield In Jasper | Posted 01.09.2015 | Canada Travel

When Chris Hadfield first visited Jasper, there was a twinkle in his eye but it had nothing to do with the stars. Hadfield was focused on raising a family -- thoughts of heaven secondary to his terrestrial responsibilities. "My wife and I first came to Jasper 29 years ago," recalls Hadfield, Canada's most famous astronaut. "We were here when our son was one-year-old and she was pregnant with our second child."

'All About That Bass' Parody Makes A Really Good Point

The Huffington Post Alberta | Rhianna Schmunk | Posted 12.16.2014 | Canada Alberta

Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” was arguably the song of the summer this year, but Albertan singer/songwriter Natty Valencia created her ...

Walking On Water: The Best Places To Ice Walk In Alberta

Posted 01.27.2015 | Canada Travel

Once the snow has really set in, the Rocky Mountains of Alberta truly become a winter wonderland where the colder temperatures transform the stunning ...

Why Western Canada Has More Money, Jobs and Security Than the East

Mark Milke | Posted 12.15.2014 | Canada Politics
Mark Milke

Sort through the statistics and the surprise is how consistently Ontario and Quebec now mimic the weak economic opportunities in the Maritimes instead of the bright economic opportunities available in the West. There's no great mystery as to why. Provinces with substantial private sector investment -- something the West has attracted with pro-entrepreneur policies and by simply saying "yes" to resource extraction in specific -- end up with enhanced employment opportunities, higher incomes and better prospects to enjoy a middle-class lifestyle.

Why We May See More Homeless Seniors in Calgary's Future

Lee Tunstall | Posted 12.10.2014 | Canada Alberta
Lee Tunstall

Twenty per cent of older adults live with a mental health issue. In Calgary alone, that equates to over 21,000 older adults, with between 1,000 and 2,000 living with severe and persistent psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia and delusional disorder. These figures do not take into account individuals between 45 and 65 who have lived a higher-risk lifestyle and been intermittently homeless. Such individuals age more quickly than the general population, and often present as "functionally geriatric" well before the age of 65.

The New West: Money, Jobs and a Flood of Young Adults

Mark Milke | Posted 12.09.2014 | Canada Business
Mark Milke

Question: If you're young, or have very little education, where's the best place in the country to find a job, make a decent income and prosper? Answer: Alberta, followed by Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Alberta Wants Feds To Lift Cap On Immigrant Job Nominations

CP | John Cotter, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.12.2014 | Canada Alberta

EDMONTON - Alberta wants the federal government to lift the lid on the number of economic immigrants it can nominate each year for permanent residence...

Alberta Government Amends Gay-Straight Alliance Bill

CP | Dean Bennett, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.04.2014 | Canada Alberta

EDMONTON - Alberta's Progressive Conservatives, facing mounting resistance on a controversial bill, have passed an amendment that opponents say opens ...

Clean-Up Of Pipeline Leak Almost Complete

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 12.02.2014 | Canada Alberta

CALGARY - Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. said Monday that it's working with the Alberta Energy Regulator to find out what caused 60,000 litres of cru...

How Wind and Solar Lower Your Electricity Bill in Alberta

David Dodge | Posted 01.31.2015 | Canada Alberta
David Dodge

Solar energy in Alberta is still a tiny fraction of the total electricity mix, only five megawatts, but it's growing. Higher prices for solar electricity would certainly accelerate the process and get more clean solar energy on the grid more quickly, also helping Alberta with one of the biggest challenges it faces - reducing emissions in our fossil-fuel economy.

LOOK: Proof Alberta Is The Prettiest Province In Winter

The Huffington Post Alberta | Michelle Butterfield | Posted 11.30.2014 | Canada Alberta

It's been pretty cold in Alberta the past few days. Like, -40 C-with-the-windchill cold. But, instead of complaining, Travel Alberta is reminding ...

Pipeline Spills 60,000 Litres Of Crude Oil In Northern Alberta

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 01.29.2015 | Canada Alberta

RED EARTH CREEK, Alta. - The Alberta Energy Regulator says close to 60,000 litres of crude oil have spilled into muskeg in the province's north.An inc...

Welcome to Canada's 1st Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant

David Dodge | Posted 01.19.2015 | Canada Alberta
David Dodge

And while this is the farthest north that a concentrated solar thermal project has ever been built solar makes sense in Medicine Hat. As Clugston reminds us, Medicine Hat is the sunniest city in Canada and they get more direct annual sunlight than Miami, Florida.

Action Heroes Wanted: Planning Your Adventure Vacation In Alberta

Posted 01.27.2015 | Canada Travel

Let’s be real: you're no average winter sports enthusiast. While the rest of us are sauntering down the mountain anticipating the chalet, you're bom...

WATCH: Alberta Fishermen Make Once-In-A-Lifetime Discovery

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 01.12.2015 | Canada Alberta

DRUMHELLER, Alta. - Severe flooding in southwestern Alberta in 2013 may be responsible for two fishermen discovering the 80-million-year-old fossil of...

Echohaven: An Environmentally Friendly, Energy Efficient Suburb

David Dodge | Posted 01.04.2015 | Canada Alberta
David Dodge

To borrow a popular internet meme, what if I told you we could build suburbs that preserved the natural landscape, had super energy efficient homes, built a sense of community and had no vinyl siding. Well we can, and the neighborhood of Echohaven, in the northwest community of Rocky Ridge in Calgary is doing precisely that. The homes of Echohaven must be super energy efficient, collect rainwater and are located in an oasis of nature. Echohaven has turned the modern process of building a neighbourhood on its ear