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The Tactics Of Racism Will Not Work For Anti-Racists

I'm a white woman who has spent my life advocating for women's rights in Afghanistan. Unapologetic for my lack of shared ethnicity with those I have strived to defend, I've heard an array of logic-bending criticisms, from subtle critiques veiled in the buzzwords of post-modernism, like the suggestion that all development workers inherently occupy a 'hegemonic' position, to less creative and cruder name calling.

Racist 'Alt-Right' Snowflakes Boycott Rogue One Because 2016

The so-called alt-right may soon have their Emperor in the White House, but before they got political to help force Donald Trump into the presidency, the movement was largely focused on fomenting culture wars. So it's hardly a "Luke, I am your father" surprise twist that the alt-right is now targeting "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" (which, by the way, is really, really good.)