Andrea Horwath

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Ontario's Government Should Not Be For Sale

But it certainly appears that Premier Wynne has put out a big for sale sign by hosting high-priced private dinners for deep-pocketed insiders. Sadly, the premier has defended the indefensible by saying that corporate fundraising is part of the political process. She has attempted to justify her high-priced private dinners by claiming that everyday citizens have the same access as those ponying up $6,000 a plate. If this true, then for that price people must be getting some extra fine food. The premier and the political establishment dismiss critics of corporate fundraising by hiding behind the rules. Well, I say the rules stink.

Kathleen Wynne Should Pull the Plug on Hydro Privatization

For over 100 years, Ontario's public hydro system generated reliable electricity and got it to homes and businesses at a rate that people could afford. Today, our public hydro system continues to be a strategic asset that supports healthcare, education, and conservation (to name a few). If Kathleen Wynne goes ahead with her plan to privatize Hydro One, all of that could be in jeopardy, leaving Ontarians with higher hydro bills, but not much else. It is too valuable an asset to put on the auction block. I believe that hydro in Ontario should be affordable, reliable and should function as the backbone of our economy.

Horwath Faces Leadership Vote

TORONTO - In the end it wasn't even close as Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath easily survived a vote on her leadership Saturday at the party's convention in Toronto.Horwath got the support of 77 per...

Can She Survive?

TORONTO - Andrea Horwath faces a crucial vote on her leadership Saturday as New Democrats from across Ontario meet for the first time since they placed third in the June 12 election, when the Liberals...
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What Labour Day Means To Me

Labour Day is a day of camaraderie and solidarity that I enjoy, and look forward to each year. It's a day to celebrate all that we've achieved, a day to feel the power of togetherness and to recommit ourselves to the struggle ahead. From Leamington, to Toronto, it's clear that this economy is not working for people and their families. Factories continue to close, and unemployment in this province remains stubbornly high. Our once strong, stable middle class is quickly becoming a class of precarious workers.

Horwath Shows Some Contrition

TORONTO - New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath showed some contrition to Ontario's labour movement Tuesday after a disappointing third-place finish in the June 12 election.She acknowledged for the first...

She's Not Stepping Down, Thanks

TORONTO - Ontario's NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says she isn't going anywhere despite her party's disappointing results in the June 12 election."I've spoken to a number of people around the province ove...

Andrea Horwath Is the Election's Biggest Loser

The biggest loser in this election is not the Hudak Conservatives, but the NDP. Had Ms. Horwath not defeated the May budget and triggered this election, she would have kept the minority Liberals hostage to her dictates. While the NDP is set to gain an additional seat in these elections, it has lost all legislative power it enjoyed only a few weeks ago. Hardly a success by any measure. Tim Hudak's Conservatives ran a far right Tea Partish campaign that took comfort and strength in ideology, flawed as it may be, and not in rationality.

Ontario's Liberals Didn't Win: The Other Parties Lost

Earlier this week, on CTV news, I predicted that two political parties would be looking for new leaders if the Ontario Liberals prevailed. Election day had yet to expire when Tim Hudak announced he would be stepping down, fulfilling half of my proposition. What I didn't say, but had meant to, was that defeating the party of Dalton McGuinty should be effortless, and that any leader unable to pull the thing off must be regarded as unfit. Never in my recollection has Ontario suffered a regime so deserving of a rude dismissal, and yet here we are, and here they are too, nothing having been altered by an election that may as well never have happened.

What Horwath Really Lost

HAMILTON - The New Democrats saw an unchanged seat count in the Ontario election Thursday, but with the Liberals winning a majority government, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath will no longer hold the balanc...

Liberals Win Ontario Election

TORONTO - Kathleen Wynne powered Ontario's minority Liberals past a legacy of scandal Thursday, staving off aggressive assaults from the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats for an unexpected m...


TORONTO - Accusations of dirty tricks flew fast and furious Wednesday on the Ontario campaign trail, with just a hours to go before voters decide if the minority Liberals should continue to govern aft...

Coalition With Tories? 'Bullspit'

ESSEX, Ont. - The idea that Ontario's New Democrats would form a coalition with the Progressive Conservatives following the provincial election this week is "bullspit," NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said...