Brandon Hay

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"Daddy, Where Do Babies Come From?"

Sooner or later, and usually at the most inappropriate time, some version of The Question ("Where do babies come from?") will emerge from your child's lips. Whatever the inspiration, our responses as Black Daddies tend to oscillate between evasion and deliberate vagueness ("Go ask your mother....").

When a Black Man Is Murdered, Don't Call Him a Deadbeat

Recently a brother in Toronto's West End was murdered. When I read the Toronto Star article, I immediately felt that they were making the victim seem guilty. What is the picture being painted of black men and black bodies in Toronto? Are we pawns to be shuffled and sacrificed on society's chessboard? Is there anything sacred about our existence? Are we only good for selling newspapers? Are our deaths to be used to get more funding for the police system? I refuse to play the position of the pimp, the drug dealer and/ or the deadbeat dad that you have laid out for me as choices. I must and will resist.