Extending the Powerful Impact of Public-Private Partnerships in Canada

Joseph Soares | Posted 07.21.2014 | Canada Business
Joseph Soares

Since their overall objective should be to find ways to deliver better services more efficiently to Canadians, and given their remarkable record of success, shouldn't Canada forge ahead with a stronger agenda for more Private-Public Partnerships?

Former Alberta Teacher Unjustly Detained in Indonesia

Leanne Shirtliffe | Posted 07.21.2014 | Canada Alberta
Leanne Shirtliffe

I know the Bantlemans, and I too have taught at international schools in Asia. I met my husband--a guy from Edmonton--in the Middle East, and we had twins in Bangkok. I know the lure and the realization of what Mrs. Bantleman describes as wanting "to learn more about the culture and the people" of a far off land. I also can imagine how powerless you would be if incarcerated in a foreign country.

Canada Needs to Reject Radical Right Thinking

Russ Blinch | Posted 07.20.2014 | Canada Politics
Russ Blinch

This kind of talk about out-of-control government spending in central Canada will build and build. The right has a huge megaphone in this country and the ideas are rarely challenged in the mainstream media.

Should Charities Be Allowed to Participate in Politics?

Blake Bromley | Posted 07.18.2014 | Canada Politics
Blake Bromley

The "advocacy chill" in Canada is due to the politicization of the regulator rather than the law of charity. I am still only a reluctant supporter of increasing the rights of charities to engage in political activities, and my participation in this debate is firmly rooted in my belief in the rule of law and in opposition to the politicization of the current Charities Directorate.

It Makes More Economic Sense To Shoot Grizzly Bears With Cameras Than Guns

Chris Genovali | Posted 07.17.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Chris Genovali

There is no ecological, ethical, or economic justification for continuing to trophy kill B.C.'s grizzly bears.

These Laos-Based Designs Are the Opposite of Fast Fashion

Kristen Marano | Posted 07.15.2014 | Canada Style
Kristen Marano

When I shop, I want to know how the pieces I like are made. I look at the tag. I ask where the fabrics are from. I read about the designer. These details reveal the process of a piece that earns a hanger in my closet. This is what separates Heather Smith's designs of Laos-based shop Passa Paa from fast fashion retailers and puts a value on owning her pieces.

Technology Could Enable the Four-Day Work Week

Jon Packer | Posted 07.15.2014 | Canada Business
Jon Packer

Well not exactly. But Larry Page, co-founder of Google, does tell us that working a 40-hour week is an out-moded employment model. He believes that through smart design and technology we could work a four-day week or less. Now, with over $32 billion in the bank it is easy for Page to make such lofty assertions, but he might have a point.

France, Put Down the Wine and Learn About Industry From Canada

Joseph Soares | Posted 07.15.2014 | Canada Business
Joseph Soares

France must confront its demons: The Big State and a Gallic attitude to labour productivity, as its economy suffers. Compared with Canada, France is living on past glories while Canada pursues a way for its people to live as well as they can in the here and now. In essence, the French need to go easy on the vino.

Today's Youth Aren't Waiting To Make Their Mark -- They're Taking It

Joanne Sallay | Posted 07.13.2014 | Canada Impact
Joanne Sallay

I was particularly inspired to write on this topic after attending Youth in Motion's Top 20 Under 20 Awards Breakfast celebration last month in downtown Toronto. Canadian youth from across the country were recognized at the organization's signature event, ranging from 15 to 19 years of age. Their accomplishments in one word -- outstanding.

What 'Feels Good' Isn't Necessarily Good for You

Dr. Brett Belchetz | Posted 07.11.2014 | Canada Living
Dr. Brett Belchetz

The implications of this being -- if one believes that gluten is the source of one's intestinal issues, it is very likely one will feel subjectively better when that particular agent is removed, or if one believes a given detox/cleanse will make one feel more vitality, it probably will -- if for no other reason than placebo effect.

Does the Government Have in Hand in Which Charities Get Audited?

Blake Bromley | Posted 07.14.2014 | Canada Politics
Blake Bromley

Canada's reputation with regard to the politicization of charity audits for "political activities" has been tarnished both domestically and internationally. One can only hope that CRA audits would be governed by the rule of law rather than a political agenda.

Getting Rid of Tenure Won't Fix Our Post-Secondary Problems

Faisal Kutty | Posted 07.10.2014 | Canada Business
Faisal Kutty

Yes, academics must step out of their ivory towers and become more engaged with the public. But increasing teaching hours, reducing salaries and abolishing tenure are not solutions. Such moves will only create bigger problems.

In Search Of Sasquatch Near Vancouver | Posted 07.09.2014 | Canada Travel

oday, Harrison has it own small band of full-time Sasquatch seekers -- their company is Sasquatch Country Adventures. I met with them in Sasquatch Provincial Park, where we set off on an all-terrain vehicle for an adventure in the mountains, where we were intent on finding the elusive wonder and to catch sight of some stunning views.

Traditional Media Is Still Relevant in a Social Media World

Andrea Lekushoff | Posted 07.08.2014 | Canada Business
Andrea Lekushoff

As social media has become more prevalent, people have come to expect immediate information and real, consumer driven conversations. This has forced the traditional news landscape to evolve, prompting much discussion about the relevancy of newspapers, TV, and radio. But does traditional media even have a place in today's culture of 140 characters or less?

China Is On Speed. What's Canada On?

Joseph Soares | Posted 07.08.2014 | Canada
Joseph Soares

China has pursued this technology leadership goal for 20 years. Back in the 1990s, it began importing technology from Germany, the Siemens Velaro model; from France, the Alstom New Pendolinos. And, guess what? The Zefiro 250 type, made right here in Canada by Bombardier. In 2008, investment in high-speed rail projects shot up to $88 billion with plans to open 42 new lines.

Why Europe's Airfares are a Bargain Compared to Canada's

Mark Milke | Posted 07.06.2014 | Canada Politics
Mark Milke

There's no mystery as to why. Europe has the world's most open airline markets. Back in the early 1990s, the European Union made a move to full cabotage, allowing any airline in any European Union country to fly into any other nation, to schedule flights in-country, and to pick up and drop off passengers in that same country.

Cuts to Refugee Health Care Don't Reach Standards of Common Decency

Dana Wagner | Posted 07.05.2014 | Canada Politics
Dana Wagner

Not all rulings on "cruel and unusual" treatment are accompanied by the opinion that the treatment also "shocks the conscience." This phrase suggests something more fundamentally wrong. Justice Mactavish also adds a dose of shame by invoking decency.

New Poll: Canadians Think Oilsands Contribute Way More to the Economy Than They Actually Do

Carol Linnitt | Posted 07.04.2014 | Canada Business
Carol Linnitt

According to the poll, conducted by Environics and commissioned by Environmental Defence, 41 per cent of Canadians believe the importance of the oilsands to the economy is six to 24 times higher than it actually is. And a full 57 per cent of Canadians overestimate the value of oilsands to the country's economy.

Competing Corporate and Public Interests Are Tearing Apart Economies

Mark Taliano | Posted 07.04.2014 | Canada Politics
Mark Taliano

Ukraine is the next Iraq. Beneath the lies, the war fever, the Putin bashing, the shameful western support -- and orchestration -- of the illegal Nazi/Banderite coup, and the daily toll of corpses, there are resources to exploit for foreign gain: primarily shale gas.

6 Reasons Why Nurses are the Unsung Heroes of the ER

Dr. Brett Belchetz | Posted 07.04.2014 | Canada Living
Dr. Brett Belchetz

Our nurses so frequently go above and beyond the call of duty, while receiving so little recognition for their amazing work and dedication. It is a situation I feel we all should do our best to improve, so without further ado, the top reasons why nurses are my true heroes of the Emergency Room.

Convincing Boomers That Social Media is an Important Communications Channel

Andrea Lekushoff | Posted 07.08.2014 | Canada
Andrea Lekushoff

We can't force anybody to love social media, and that's fine. But to dismiss it as a communications tool is to alienate an entire demographic -- who may very well be one of your target audiences -- and who will most certainly miss out on your key messages. Social media should be viewed as another tool in an organization's corporate communications/ marketing toolkit.

Why We Should Bring Back Dominion Day

Tom Kott | Posted 07.01.2014 | Canada Politics
Tom Kott

Of course, Canadians should be proud of our history as a tolerant, multicultural nation. But this comes without the need to destroy the symbols that brought us to this proud point. Rather, we need to see ourselves as dwarfs on the shoulders of giants. For this reason, Dominion Day should be brought back.

WATCH: This Is What Canadians Love About Being Canadian

The Huffington Post Canada | Brian Vinh Tien Trinh and Talia Ricci | Posted 07.01.2014 | Canada Travel

Oh, Canada. You're turning 147 today but you don't look a day over 27. Seriously, we would know. The Huffington Post Canada Travel just spent the ...

What Empowerment Means to Me

G(irls)20 | Posted 06.30.2014 | Canada Impact

The word makes me feel strong. It allows me an element of control over my professional and personal life. It gives me the confidence to believe that I deserve to have the same opportunities as men. It holds me responsible and accountable for my own happiness and the direction that I take my life. It gives me the strength to refuse to be victimized.

On Canada Day, Let's Celebrate Maternal Health

Russell Williams | Posted 06.30.2014 | Canada Impact
Russell Williams

As we reflect on Canada Day, we can be very proud of the role we play globally in maternal child and newborn health. Thousands of doctors, nurses and field workers contribute daily across the globe supported by hundreds of thousands of Canadian volunteers and donors.