Plane Crashes Make the News, But It's Cars We Should Worry About

When a plane carrying 239 people disappears and everyone is presumed dead, the world's TV networks devote hours of coverage to the tragedy. There seems a genuine attempt to learn from what happened in order to prevent the same death and destruction from ever occurring again. Contrast that to the reaction of death by automobile. In 2010 1,240,000 people died in vehicle crashes across the globe.

Crash Leaves Nanaimo Teen In Coma

An 18-year-old Vancouver Island girl remains in critical condition in hospital Tuesday, after she was hit in a suspected drunk driving incident Friday night. ​ Jasmine Bussier was returning home with...

Crash Caught On Video

A dramatic YouTube video that shows a car accident along a Langley highway is reportedly not as bad as it looks. The dashcam video, filmed from a Mercedes, shows a small car being forced off Highway 1...

Teens Killed In Ontario Crash

Two teenagers from Barrie, Ont., are among the four victims of a deadly multi-vehicle crash near Parry Sound. The crash occurred Tuesday afternoon on Highway 69 when a southbound Chevrolet Camaro los...