Homosexuality Is Not A 'Test' From Allah

After Orlando, instead of perpetuating the discourse of obscene tastes, calamitous diseases and protecting children, mainstream Muslim leaders have begun reaching out to LGBT brothers and sisters. However, when it comes to LGBT Muslims, conservative Muslim discourse continues to depict homosexuality as a test from Allah.

Will Physical Sex Go Extinct?

Spike Jonze's new movie, Her, has generated some controversy and debate about a human falling in love with an operating system. As technology permeates our lives more and more, such an idea becomes less like science fiction and more like a possible evolutionary change. It incites the question: Is it evolution or ultimate extinction if we continue to give up on physical sex? We still seem to be passionately interested in sex. It is far too early to tell if this is simply a behavioural blip, or a portend of something major in our evolutionary development. Spike Jonze may well be viewed as less of a filmmaker and more of a visionary prophet by future historians.

Can You be Gay and Muslim? Yes.

Muslims for Progressive Values, like affirming Christian and Jewish denominations, have broken the consensus espoused by conservative Muslims that Abrahamic faiths prohibit same-sex unions. Online Islamic forums and are increasingly framing the issue as one of desire, if not sexual orientation.