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The Top 5 Fibre Vegetables For Fall

You can prevent that, er, blocked up feeling... by choosing more low cal, high nutrient, high fibre vegetables to roast. Boosting fibre in your diet can contribute to more than just the obvious, it can also make you feel fuller longer, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and manage the "bad bacteria" in your system.

It's Time for Women to Talk About Constipation

A recent survey on women and bowel health in Canada revealed a disconnect between women's knowledge about bowel health and their own behaviours. While 97 per cent of the 1,002 adult women surveyed agreed that bowel health was an important part of overall health, almost half of them said they avoided public bathrooms because of embarrassment

It's Time for a Little Shit Talk

In the past I struggled with digestive issues. I've had the urgent calls for action. My skin was a mess, I was exhausted and my joints started to ache. I struggled for years to drop weight and realized that once my digestive system healed, suddenly the weight melted off. Have we become crazy? No. Look no further because the answer is in your poop.