Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding Is Here to Stay - Get Used to it

Jeremy LaLonde | Posted 10.06.2014 | Canada Business
Jeremy LaLonde

The crowd funding fatigue that I saw setting in about a year ago has dissipated and it seems to have entered into the public-norm. It's here, and it's here to stay. And like everything in this world it can't be painted with an over-all brush.

Is It Time For Independent Crowd-Funded Media Outlets?

Toula Drimonis | Posted 07.21.2014 | Canada
Toula Drimonis

It's an ambitious goal, and the amount they are hoping to raise through crowd-funding is $75,000 (no small amount), but Ricochet has assembled a strong team of journalists (which they intend to pay fairly) and initially only having the editors volunteer their time and expertise, thus hoping to gain people's support and financial commitment.

Biohackers Are Kickstarting Some Unregulated Experiments

L. Jim Thomas | Posted 07.10.2013 | Canada Business
L. Jim Thomas

Three biohackers from California have hijacked the Kickstarter machinery -- they have made Kickstarter the conduit for a nationwide release of untested, unregulated and unmonitored bioengineered organisms.

'Change Heroes' Sells 'Friend-Funding' To Build Schools, Libraries

John F. Gray | Posted 02.21.2013 | Canada British Columbia
John F. Gray

Recognizing the power of personal connections, Change Heroes has designed their platform around the concept of "friend-funding." The goal of each change hero is to bring together 33 of their friends, family, and co-workers together to donate $3.33 a day for three months which equates to $10,000 which will fund the building of a school or two libraries.

If You Think the Music Industry is Dying, You're Not Paying Attention

Brian Buchanan | Posted 10.17.2012 | Canada Music
Brian Buchanan

Is there any hope for music? Can the industry adapt to meet the pressures and challenges of a rapidly evolving digital frontier? My band, Enter the Haggis, decided to fund our forthcoming record through Kickstarter and we more than doubled our goal in under 10 days. From where I'm sitting, it's hard to understand the argument that the music industry is dying. I'm currently on tour, playing songs I wrote for people who are willing to pay to see me, and they're funding my career directly. From my perspective, the music business is thriving.