Harper To Mark D-Day At Juno Beach

COURSEULLES-SUR-MER, France - Well before the dignitaries descended Friday, Mark Wyatt and his father Chris strolled the sands of Juno Beach, reflecting on the terrible history of seven decades earlie...

World Honours D-Day's Fallen

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France - Men who stormed Normandy's shore 70 years ago joined world leaders Friday in paying tribute to the 150,000 Allied troops who risked and lost their lives in the D-Day landi...

The Mad Piper of D-Day: A Canadian Hero

On Friday, an ever-dwindling gang of fading, brave champions shall gather. Their gang were beautiful, planet-saving heroes, every last one of them. But there was bravery, and then there was Bill Millin, Piper Bill, a commando who astonishingly marched the beaches of Normandy that pivotal day seven decades ago, as his comrades swam, rushed, fell, fought, died around him.

O Canada: Anthem Overload

When someone raises a flag on Canada Day, sure, terrific. Bob and Doug forever. When it's time to honour our brave war veterans, no doubt, they're the champs. But when I attend a game to cheer on the local collection of rink-circlers, I don't feel it's a relevant or appropriate place for the anthem.