Darwin Ikea Monkey


Ikea Monkey Back In Spotlight

SUNDERLAND, Ont. - The Ikea monkey has shed his shearling coat and may soon be moving to a new home.Darwin has now been at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary for two years, ever since he was scooped up...

GROOCH: "Monkey Buisness" (CARTOON)

While the Ikea Monkey "Darwin" had the fate of his permanent residence decided in court this week. Darwin isn't the only monkey business that continues to concern Ontario. As if being a Maple leaf fan wasn't bad enough, controversial allegations of financial evasion continue to be thrown "monkey poop style" at Prime Minister Harper.

Tricked Into Letting Him Go?

OSHAWA, Ont. - A primate sanctuary is no longer alleging that the Ikea monkey was abused by the woman who calls herself his "mom," who wept in court Thursday as she described the bond she shared with...

Ikea Monkey Owner Will Go To Court

TORONTO - The owner of a monkey who was found in a Toronto Ikea parking lot last weekend wearing a shearling coat is going to court to get him back.Yasmin Nakhuda has filed a motion with the Ontario S...