Day Care

When Eva Died, Where Were Her Parents?

Lydia Lovric | Posted 10.12.2013 | Canada
Lydia Lovric

The tragic death of two-year-old Eva Ravikovich who died in an unlicensed home daycare that was clearly overrun with children has spurred lawsuits against both the daycare provider and the Ministry of Education. While the lawsuits seem perfectly justifiable, there is one more party that is arguably culpable in the death of this little girl: Her parents.

Should You Opt for Learning or Play in the Early Years?

Natacha V. Beim | Posted 12.15.2012 | Canada Alberta
Natacha V. Beim

The reason why parents and teachers feel forced to choose between learning and play is because they are not aware that doing one doesn't necessarily mean ignoring the other. Many parents and early learning centres have focused solely on free play or strict school-like lessons. The reality is, you can choose a hybrid of both.