Ed Fast

CETA's Promise of 80,000 Jobs Doesn't Add Up

Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade, has repeatedly promised an 80,000 job windfall from CETA. But many economists and commentators have questioned the veracity of economic models of trade agreements saying free trade's returns have been overestimated.

Feds Pay $180K To Run Empty Office

OTTAWA - The Harper government spent more than $180,000 last year to run the office of a corporate social responsibility counsellor for the Canadian mining industry — even though there was no counsell...

He Knows How To Land The Big One

OTTAWA - No one will ever again accuse Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his trade minister of not being able to land the big one.After years of hooking minnows like Honduras, Panama and Jordan, Ottaw...

Gov't Wins $10-Billion Military Contract

LONDON, Ont. - General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada has signed a contract worth at least US$10 billion to supply armoured vehicles and equipment, training and support services to Saudi Arabia.The fe...

The Harper Government's New Plan

OTTAWA - The Harper government says it wants Canadian diplomats in foreign countries to re-channel their energies and resources into advancing the country's commercial interests.Trade Minister Ed Fast...

No Changes, No Vote On EU Deal

OTTAWA - Canadians will soon get a chance to view the text of the recently announced trade deal with the European Union, but aren't likely to have an opportunity to pronounce final judgment in an elec...
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A Canada-U.S. Meat War?

WASHINGTON - A Canada-U.S. trade war is apparently looming as Ottawa threatens "retaliatory measures" against the United States in a continuing dispute over meat labelling.The U.S. government announce...

The Darker Side of Free Trade Between Canada and the U.S.

Canada remembers a milestone this week -- the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement. Former Mulroney government officials and the business community that supported the first-of-its-kind project are running predictable victory laps in commentaries this week. Well, I'm sorry to crash this little party but there is something seriously wrong with this picture.