Gdp Growth


Economy Beats Estimates

OTTAWA - The economy grew by 0.3 per cent in October, the fourth consecutive month-month increase, with the battered manufacturing sector and service industries making significant gains.The results ca...

The Higher the GDP, the Unhappier the Country

As it turns out, countries with low GDP ranked high in the HPI and had smaller eco-footprints compared with nations with high GDP that ranked low in the HPI and had larger eco-footprints per capita. Evidently material wealth does not equate with happiness, but instead creates more waste and pollution.

How Mexico's Economy Survived the Slump

Few economies escaped the global slowdown in the summer of 2012. Mexico was a rare and notable exception. While marked deterioration in China, India and Brazil grabbed the headlines, Mexico quietly hummed along, generating remarkably smooth growth.

Canada's Economy Bounces Back .. Sort Of

OTTAWA -- Statistics Canada says the country's economy returned to growth in October, although at a sluggish pace. The 0.1 per cent advance follows a flat reading in September and a 0.1 per cent contr...

Carney Warns Good Times Will Be Fleeting

MONTREAL - Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney says growing access to capital should make Canadian businesses confident to invest, despite the financial chaos that has rocked Europe and troubling sign...