Making Mental Health Training A Priority

Imagine a version of you that's in perfect shape. A version that eats healthy, works out daily, and cut down on caffeine. When we think about the perfect version of our life story we each have an ideal life we aspire to live. Ask yourself this: Do you know the details of how you achieved this ideal life? Most of us won't know every little detail, but isn't it true that having that ideal case inspires us?
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How To Think Yourself Healthy

There is nothing magic about eating right, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, or managing stress. We all know that those are crucial elements of a health-promoting lifestyle. So why are so many of us seemingly unable to make them a reality? As some experts suggest, it may all be a matter of thinking styles, of getting into the right mindset.
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3 Habits To Break And 3 Habits To Make This Year

Habits are habituated behaviours which are acquired by frequent repetition -- these "habits" then become a regular part of our functioning. These practices can slip into our lives without us even noticing as they feel so natural. It can be very difficult to give up or break a habit. We often hear people talking about wanting to break a bad habit, but we shouldn't forget that habits aren't always bad for us.
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The 5 Habits Of Psychological Resilience

Resilience is the ability to absorb high levels of change, while maintaining your personal resourcefulness. It is more than stress management. Stress management is about 'managing' or getting rid of something that is negative (that you don't want). Developing or building resilience is more about creating something positive (that you want). Focusing on what you want to create provides you with opportunities and 'answers' that will not come to you when you focus on what you want to eliminate.

Wake Up to Your Habits!

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I was filled with gratitude for the amazing people who took time out of their busy lives to attend the launch of my new book, Wake Up to Your Habits. I had the privilege...