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How To Stay Cool

If you live in southern Ontario or Quebec, you've probably been sweltering for the last few days. Temperatures have cracked 30 C for most of the week and Friday is going to be just as hot. Worst of al...

The Dog Days Of Summer Are Here Early

It's shaping up to be an intensely hot week over parts of Central Canada, as southern Ontario and southwestern Quebec face a possible heat wave. Temperatures are expected to rise "well into the thirt...

Is It Too Late to Change Climate Change?

Maybe some of the cynics are right: No matter how much we curb our emissions now, the damage is already done and the climate will continue to destabilize. But should we just give up, enjoy the irresponsible partying a little bit longer, and then simply brace ourselves for whatever comes next -- or should we refocus our attention and energy on the things we can still affect?

It's Hot! Don't Forget Your Animals

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- TORONTO - Sizzling in the summer heat? There's a good chance your pet is, too. As soaring temperatures create stifling outdoor conditions, Canadians are being cautioned to look o...

Animals Finding Ways To Stay Cool

We're not the only ones sweltering under the "heat dome." Animals, particularly those from cooler climates aren't handling the heat too well either. Zookeepers around North American have had to get c...