Karla Homolka

Peter Power via Getty Images

Stop Giving Pretty White Murderers A Pass

Since learning Karla Homolka has been volunteering at an elementary school in Montreal, I've found myself shellshocked by the number of people willing to defend her technical, legal right to privacy. That's downright Canadian of you, but could we stop letting pretty white women in North America literally and figuratively get away with murder?

We Let Karla Homolka Out, Now Let's Leave Her Alone

Karla Homolka served her time and fled to the Caribbean, determined to avoid the spotlight -- until discovered by former TV reporter Paula Todd: married with three children living in Guadeloupe. It's difficult to have sympathy for Karla Homolka, even as she's persecuted by "public interest" reporters. Better to question the judicial system that freed her. As long as she stays out of trouble, why not leave her alone?

Karla Homolka A Mother Of 3 In Caribbean

TORONTO - She horrified the country with her role in the torture and killing of Ontario school girls two decades ago, now she has three children of her own.Years after her case gripped the country, Ka...