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What Happened When I Got Rid Of Half My Kids' Toys

So come this past January, our family of five started a mission to live with less (minimalism for rookies). I know it's not for everyone, but it is for us. Our first long drawn-out step is to "remove the excess" of belongings. Since January we have done two toy purges and reduced the kids toys by over half.

34 Savvy Toys for the Holidays

We're not going to lie, being a parent is tough work. But there are lots of perks -- like those sweet sloppy kisses and trips to the toy store. Every. Year. Have fun getting started on your holiday toy list with our 34 Hot Toys for the Holidays.

Haute Baby Gear: Just for Mom?

It started with a mobile. A gift from our new baby's grandparents. And of course, I stepped in to voice some approved choices. Something sleek... perhaps thin, die-cut bamboo. Then I realized that I'd not been selecting toys based on HIS preferences. I had been selecting what I thought would look the nicest in our home.