Metro Vancouver Needs To Stop Bullying Elected Councils

In a triumph for local democracy, the bully that is Metro Vancouver has been put in its proper place by a provincial judge. Metro Vancouver should save its taxpayers some money by forgoing an appeal in this case and accepting the fact that it doesn't always know best. Let's see a little more of this "collaborative federation," and a lot less bullying of elected councils.

Thieves Stealing Horse TAILS?

Horse owners in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island say their animals' tails are being targeted by thieves.  Duncan-area farm owner Krista Batty says three of her show horses have had their...

Fictional TV Town Built In B.C.

LANGLEY, B.C. - About 45 minutes south of Vancouver, on a farm field surrounded by vineyards, sits a village from another century. The place is called "Coal Valley," a fictional frontier town erected...

Sixth Body Found On Same Street

SURREY, B.C. - Homicide investigators in Metro Vancouver say the woman found dead in a Surrey park is known to police.Integrated Homicide Investigation Team Sgt. Jennifer Pound says the name of the 41...

Is This Your Photo?

LANGLEY, B.C. - Mounties in Langley, B.C., are looking for the rightful owner of a photograph apparently taken in Holland during the Second World War.Langley RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Holly Marks says off...

B.C.'s Big Byelection Bill Makes No Sense

Think of it as an electoral echo. While many British Columbians are just getting over the election hangover from May's blockbuster BC Liberal comeback win, 13 municipalities are about to head into by-election mode. Four mayors and 10 councillors from 13 different communities were elected May 14th. A dozen BC Liberals, two New Democrats: all will need to be replaced in the coming weeks, triggering a series of expensive by-elections.

BC Inches Closer To Deal On RCMP Contract

VANCOUVER - Provincial and municipal politicians in British Columbia say they and the federal government have made progress negotiating a new RCMP contract, just two days before a deadline from Ottawa...