Laureen Harper


Why I'll Miss Laureen Harper

As the dust settles after the federal election, it has to be said that Laureen Harper was an extraordinary volunteer in her years at 24 Sussex Dr. She is a great asset, as all the organizations she helped to champion know well. A secret weapon, in fact.

Laureen Harper Campaigns Solo

TORONTO —  Stephen Harper's wife, Laureen, picked up the baton today on the Conservative leader's re-election campaign in the politically critical Greater Toronto Area. She set out on the campaign tra...

Laureen Harper Joins Facebook

Laureen Harper has joined Facebook. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced his wife's debut on the social media network in a post to his own Facebook page on Wednesday evening. "I'd like to welcome...

Hello, New Zealand!

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Stephen Harper rubbed noses with Maori ceremonial warriors today in advance of a meeting with his New Zealand counterpart in the first official visit by a Canadian prime minist...

Harper's Secret Weapon?

OTTAWA - Laureen Harper is snagging some of the limelight in taxpayer-funded government videos, only months after a leaked Conservative Party memo said operatives wanted to exploit the popularity of t...

Laureen Harper Heckled At Cat Fest

TORONTO - An activist heckled Prime Minister Stephen Harper's wife Laureen about missing and murdered aboriginal women while she spoke at a Toronto film festival devoted to online cat videos.Laureen H...
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EXCERPT: The Longer I'm Prime Minister

In 2004 voters barely had a clue who Stephen Harper was. So he appeared in those hilariously contrived ads in which he complained about the Liberals, offered some kind of solution, and then paused and added, slowly, "My name is Stephen Harper." Viewers came away wondering about his speaking style but pretty sure, whoever this guy was, his name must be Stephen Harper.

Laureen Harper: All Kids At Risk Online

OTTAWA - When a young person's private photos suddenly go public, it makes no difference who the parents are — even if they happen to live at 24 Sussex Drive.And Laureen Harper says kids and parents n...

Laureen Harper, Graphic Artist?

VANCOUVER - It doesn't matter if a woman is the president of a Fortune 500 company, a mother, an Olympian or a teacher, Laureen Harper says women should seek out opportunities to serve their communiti...

LOOK: Harpers Visit Taj Mahal

AGRA, India - Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen played tourist today at one of the world's most famous sites — the Taj Mahal.The couple held hands as they walked up a pathway, the mar...