Sex Toys: Helping You Score During the NHL Lockout

We've lost our past-time. Now we are in danger of losing our marbles. But our great (and apparently resilient and creative) country have apparently decided to fill the mighty void with...sex toys. They're flying out the door like there's no tomorrow -- or, at very least, like there's no hockey today. Talk about good vibrations.

How the NHL Lockout Could Devastate the CBC

The CBC is hooked on hockey and the NHL lockout could be just a bitter foretaste of the future for the national public broadcaster. Friends' calculates that the CBC will suffer a devastating financial loss of as much as $200 million annually if it loses the rights to Hockey Night in Canada in 2014 when its agreement with the NHL expires. All told, the loss of hockey would be much worse than the most recent round of cuts announced in the federal budget last March. It would amount to a game changer for our national public broadcaster. Friends is not proposing that CBC television drop hockey, but our national public broadcaster must prepare for this scenario, which could open new and exciting possibilities to operate more like a public broadcaster.

The Video that Just Might Save the NHL From a Lockout

Janne Makkonen, a YouTube maestro and editing wunderkind, who splices together the best of CBC's montages and Sportsnet's not-used-enough in-game footage, has released his newest tour de force, titled "NHL - Together We Can". Congratulations, Janne Makkonen, and thank you for finally taking side with the one thing we all really care about: hockey.

CAW: Tough Year Ahead For Canada's Unions

OTTAWA - Lockouts at two major industrial plants in central Canada — an Alcan smelter in Quebec and a locomotive plant in London, Ont. — may signal a tough year ahead in Canadian labour relations.Cana...