Martial Arts

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Forget What Sports Movies Say: Always Bet On Goliath

If there's one thing we've all been taught, is that the tenacious little guy can muster up the wherewithal to defeat a much larger opponent. I came across this scenario at a young age. When I was ten, my dad enrolled me in a judo tournament. Admittedly, this particular Eastern discipline commands as much respect as Jazzercise. But back in 1982, it was easily a solid 6 per cent cooler.

Seven Skills Martial Arts Can Teach You

Martial arts is certainly not the solution to all forms of bullies but it can certainly make the difference in the lives of many kids by building their personalities. It would be worthwhile even if it saves one soul in the long run. Children can learn a lot more than just how to do a good roundhouse kick at their local karate class.