How to Milk a Moose

Clyde tossed the loop over the moose's head where it slipped down onto her neck and then he took off south. The moose reared up on her hind legs in a Hi Ho Silver maneuver. Folks back on the lodge deck reached for their cell phones. That's the American way to handle a crisis nowadays. Grab a phone, first.

Why Did The Moose Cross The Road?

SASKATOON _ A research project at the University of Saskatchewan will try to determine why moose feel moved to cross rural highways. The study starts this month and will track the movements of 50 moos...

'The Moose Sex Project'

AMHERST, N.S. - The Nature Conservancy of Canada has launched a fundraising program in the Maritimes over Christmas to help Moose find their way to some cross-border love.The program, dubbed "The Moos...

The Wonderful Wildlife in Your Backyard

If you were asked to imagine a place on Earth where you could view incredibly varied wildlife in its natural habitat, likely places which come to mind are Africa or the Amazon Rainforests. However, many people may not be aware that Canada is also home to a wide range of wildlife that is just as diverse and interesting as anywhere else in the world.

Avoiding the Summer Road Trip From Hell

Besides cleaning up the yard, there's just one thing on my mind: what to do with the kids for the summer. The first thought is a road trip to visit my parents. That's a 30-hour drive and I know every kilometre of the trip in advance -- from the Montreal pee breaks, to the moose. On second thought, maybe we'll look for adventure elsewhere this summer...