Defence Costs 'Unsustainable': Watchdog

OTTAWA - The Harper government has built a military that it cannot afford and will be forced to make tough choices in the future, if it sticks with the current funding envelope, the country's budget w...

New Public Clash For Harper Gov't

OTTAWA - The parliamentary budget office is defending itself from a government attack on its latest report on Canada's plunging overseas development spending.The Foreign Affairs Department accused the...

Feds Bilking Ontario By $1.2 Billion?

OTTAWA - A forthcoming new report from the parliamentary budget officer is expected to show Ottawa is shortchanging Ontario to the tune of $1.2 billion under the current system of equalization payment...
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Budgeting By Stealth

Surplus budgeting is a worthy goal; however, the means by which the Government gets there has to be transparent. Increasing El premiums beyond sustainment and reducing eligibility is not transparent. Sale of undisclosed assets is not transparent. Lapsing budgets by stealth is not transparent.

Mystery Of Canada's Unspent Billions

OTTAWA - Canada's budget watchdog is asking MPs to get to the bottom of why the Harper government is spending billions less than it budgets for, or Parliament authorizes.The Parliamentary Budget Offic...

New Budget Watchdog Snubbed By Tories

OTTAWA - Canada's interim parliamentary budget officer is having the same problems as the old one: being snubbed by the government.Sonia L'Heureux said Monday that some federal departments have failed...