Pet Adoption

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What You Need To Know When Adopting A Rescue Dog

While there may be rescued pets that fit seamlessly into their new families, every rescue I've loved has had issues. Romeo, Gabe, and Annie had aggression issues. Archie had house training, fear, and anxiety issues. None of these guys had any leash manners. Buddy wore a belly band 24/7 because he was incontinent. And you know what? I couldn't have loved any of them any more than I did.

This Cat Needs a Warm Home in the Cold Weather

Our humans face eviction at the end of November after 27 years in a squeaky clean apartment in Scarborough. Our clan has 32 fixed, loving kitties who all desperately need temporary shelter in the GTA, if possible in northeastern Toronto, so that our human mom can make the drive to attend to us daily.

Many Shelter Animals Face the Needle, But You Can Make a Difference

I woke up to a full inbox: 66 cats to be euthanized at an Ontario pound, 70 dogs in peril in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. All scheduled for the fatal needle Tuesday morning. Canadians, please don't breed or buy while shelter pets die; please make adoption your first option; please take the time to find out how your municipality deals with pet overpopulation. I guarantee that if you knew, you would be shocked into action.

Adopt-A-HuffPet: These Furballs Need Homes!

My name is Little Jack! I love to walk with my favourite stuffy in my mouth and really like all the attention our volunteers give me -- I especially love belly rubs and snuggles. I like most dogs but do not like cats! I promise to be a very good boy and would really like a quiet home and where I can get all the love and snuggles I want!