Pit Bulls

Photo by Laura Kalcheff via Getty Images

A Breed Ban May Bring On The Problem Montreal Wishes To Eliminate

If passed on September 26, the city's new bylaw will be implemented unfairly. Only owners of dogs that are or resemble pit bull-types must prove that they have no criminal record of violence in order to keep their pets, albeit under closely controlled conditions. Framing owners of such dogs as potential criminals in this way can help to constitute the very problem Montreal seeks to eliminate.

Blind Pit Bull Stuck Behind Strict B.C. City Bylaw

As Leanne has said "I am a bit of a rule follower." She registered Peanut because the blind dog shows characteristics of a pit bull, and this then subjected her to the bylaw requiring a muzzle in public. But this creates an obvious additional issue for Peanut as she uses her snout and whiskers to help her navigate.

The Week in Review: Tweets from Space and Pitbull Problems

This week, Huff Post Canada's own Rebecca Zamon put the reading habits of mere mortals to shame by sharing the 52 (yes, I did say 52) books she read in 2012. And we're not talking coffee-table photo collections, here. Meanwhile, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield gave us a sense of perspective with a set of photos Tweeted from space. And back on Earth, a series of pitbull attacks in Calgary reignited the ongoing debate about the efficacy and wisdom of dog-breed bans. Are all pitbulls just too inherently dangerous to trust ? And if so, is legally outlawing an entire breed the way to handle the problem?

Crackdown On Bad Dogs In Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is getting tough on aggressive dogs in regional parks. A committee will be considering recommendations such as heftier fines on dog owners or muzzles for dogs considered to be dangero...