Pot Legalization

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Trudeau's Hypocrisy On Pot Pardons Is Ruining Lives

If Trudeau says something shouldn't be criminal in a year, then people shouldn't be getting criminal records for it now - especially when most of those people are folks who don't enjoy his family's privileges of being white and wealthy. A criminal record traps people in the country and traps them in poverty. Almost every job does background checks, even volunteer organizations. It deeply impacts lives and when that record is due to nonviolent pot possession, it amounts to cruel and usual punishment.

Pot Was Criminalized In 1923, But Why?

Pot activists in Canada and elsewhere will be taking part today in what's being billed as a "Global Marijuana March." In this country, they will be calling for the decriminalization of marijuana. The...


You may have read about it, you may have heard it on the news, or seen it on Facebook. But believe me, nothing prepares you for Grandma cookies baked in "cannabutter," the pot smokers' smoking bus to...