Scott Brison


We Are Looking Forward, To Build A Better Public Service

This generation is among the most talented, educated and globally connected ever. While some of the experiences and expectations of these young people are unique to their cohort, they have much in common with Canadian workers of all ages and backgrounds: they are looking for a way to make a difference -- be it at the local, national, or global level. The federal public service must innovate to attract more young people. We need less rigid hierarchies, fewer layers of bureaucracy, more open and transparent decision making, a culture of intelligent risk taking, more opportunity for continuous learning, and greater mobility in and out of government.

Mulcair Pitches Daycare For MPs

The House of Commons may soon be home to change tables, playpens and high chairs. And no, this is not a joke about politicians' infantile behaviour. A generational shift among the elected offic...

'Scarring A Generation'

The federal government must do more to create jobs and meaningful work experience for youth who are being left out of the economic recovery, says Liberal MP Scott Brison. Brison held a news conferenc...