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Poor Global Growth Outlook A 'Real Challenge' For Canada: Morneau

CP | Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press | Posted 08.09.2016 | Canada Business

Canada's trade deficit with the world swelled to a record level of $3.6 billion in June.

B.C. Wins, Ontario And Alberta Lose In Brutal Month For Jobs

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 08.05.2016 | Canada Business

After months of little movement, Canada's job market took a dive in July.

What Are The Safest Cities In Canada?

YPNextHome | Posted 08.03.2016 | Canada Living

The safety of an area is always top of mind when searching for a new home. Statistics Canada recently released their study on police-reported crimes in 2015. The 2015 report examines the Crime Severity Index (CSI), which measures the volume as well as the seriousness of each crime in comparison to others.

Alberta Wildfires Torched Canada's Economy

CP | Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press | Posted 07.29.2016 | Canada Business

Economy shrank 0.6 per cent in May, StatsCan says.

StatsCan Wants Power To Make Surveys Mandatory

CP | Jordan Press, The Canadian Press | Posted 07.26.2016 | Canada Politics

Liberals pledged to make the agency more independent.

Canadian Food Prices Are Seeing A Complete Turnaround

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 07.22.2016 | Canada Business

Toronto, Vancouver top the country on inflation.

Census By Cellphone? StatsCan May Text Questions To Canadians

CP | Jordan Press, The Canadian Press | Posted 07.22.2016 | Canada Business

Texting could be the solution to an alarming drop in response rates.

There's One Province Left Still Creating Jobs

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 07.08.2016 | Canada Business

How do you do it, British Columbia?

Falling Loonie Isn't Stopping A Canadian Trade Wipeout

CP/HuffPost Canada | Posted 07.06.2016 | Canada Business

Two years after oil crash began, Canada's move away from oil is elusive.

8 Things You Can Still Do Well Beyond Your Teens

Posted 06.23.2016 | Canada Living

They say a goal without a deadline is just a wish. But who are “they” anyway?

What Filling Out The Census Actually Does

Posted 06.22.2016 | Canada Living

If you haven’t completed the 2016 Census, there’s still time to do so before enumerators make their way to your neighbourhood and come knocking on your door.

Finally, Some Good News On Food Prices

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 06.17.2016 | Canada Business

They're not falling, but at least they're not soaring.

Real Estate And Falling Loonie Prop Up Canada's Fizzling Economy

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 06.01.2016 | Canada Business

Canada's economy has gone from bang to whimper in a few months.

Low Loonie Means Canadians Ditching U.S. Travel For Other Countries

CP | Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.29.2016 | Canada Business

Travel to other international destinations was up 6.2 per cent over the previous year and 33 per cent since 2010.

True Or False? The 2016 Census Edition

Posted 05.23.2016 | Canada Living

In collaboration with Statistics Canada, we dispel a few common misconceptions about the census with a game of true and false. Ready to play?

Food, Gas Prices Change Direction

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 05.20.2016 | Canada Business

Gas prices are creeping up again.

A Timeline Of Census Taking In History

Posted 05.16.2016 | Canada Living

It's time to complete the 2016 census but why do we even do it in the first place? A look at census-taking in history

This Is What A Canadian Family Looks Like

Posted 05.09.2016 | Canada Living

How has the Canadian family changed over the years? Statistics tells us that they’re getting smaller and more diverse, that more young adults are living at home and that by 2031, 60 per cent of Canada’s population is expected to be a visible minority.

Low Quebec Birth Rate Spurs Calls For Increased Immigration

CP | Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.08.2016 | Canada

Quebec estimates 1.1 million people will retire between 2013 and 2022.

B.C. Wins, Alberta Loses In Latest Jobs Report

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 05.06.2016 | Canada Business

Canada's job market "took a breather" in April.

5 Unbelievable Stats About Canada

Posted 05.02.2016 | Canada Living

Oddball facts about Canada presented in partnership with Statistics Canada (Sponsored)

The Long-Form Census Is Coming Back

CP | Jordan Press, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.02.2016 | Canada Politics

Call it the start of the government's biggest big data push.

Canadian Airfares At Six-Year Lows

CP | Sindi Skenderi, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.01.2016 | Canada Business

Airfares have responded to falling energy prices.

Canada's Economy Shrinks Again

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 04.29.2016 | Canada Business

The services sector is growing. The goods-producing sector, not so much.

Canadian Inflation Tame .. Just Not At The Supermarket

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 04.22.2016 | Canada Business

Clothing and transportation is cheaper than it was a year ago.