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Why Kids With Autism Are More Likely To Drown

A new American study has confirmed what every autism family has heard anecdotally: Accidental death by drowning is a significant risk for kids with autism. Researchers at the Center for Injury Epidemiology and Prevention at Columbia University looked at more than 39 million death records over a 16-year period (up to 2014) to determine the relationship between autism and death by injury.

When to Shove Your Baby Bird Out of the Nest

Parenting is tiring, and fighting your kids' natural tendencies can be exhausting. Growth and change hurt, and there's risk of lasting resentment or shut down if you push kids too hard. But learning and greatness only come with tolerance for pain, and fear, and as parents we need to use the experience our kids don't have to help them push their limits. It's our job.

Strong Showings In Pool

LONDON - The most senior member on Canada's swim team conquered rookie nerves to capture his first Olympic medal.Brent Hayden won bronze in the 100-metre freestyle Wednesday for Canada's first swim me...

Canadian Swimmers Advance

LONDON - Canadian swimmers Barbara Jardin and Samantha Cheverton missed out on the 200 freestlye final at the London Games.Montreal's Jardin finished 10th Monday's semifinal, while Cheverton, of Lachi...

Learning to Swim at 33

I didn't learn to swim until more than 10 years after the day I almost drowned. You'd think I would have signed up for swimming lessons as soon as I made it to dry land, but I always had an excuse. Until my doctor strongly advised me to stop running and take up swimming.