Teachers Strike


Want Better Teachers? Merit Pay Isn't the Answer

It is both more feasible and cheaper to help existing teachers improve their skills than it is to replace them with new people who might be better at the work. While pay for results is a seemingly attractive concept, virtually nobody in modern economies is currently paid based on measured outcomes as is being proposed for teachers.

What's Next For B.C. Teachers?

VANCOUVER - The union representing British Columbia's 41,000 teachers is remaining mum on how it will react to a recently enacted law that has forced members back to work.The B.C. Teachers' Federation...

B.C. Teachers Remain Defiant

VANCOUVER - On day one of British Columbia's teachers' strike, Grade 8 student Amenah Mustafa was stoked to sleep in late and socialize on Facebook. By day three, she was bored.As she and 570,000 stud...