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Why Is Ottawa's Hockey Team So Apathetic Towards Sexual Assault?

While it is legitimate for the players who weren't in Thunder Bay that night or weren't aware that an assault took place to feel a deep sense of injustice, I would like to shed a light on an obvious fact that has been quite irritating since the beginning of the investigation. None of the players in the team have spoken up and publicly condemned what has happened: not one.

University of Ottawa Has Its Issues, But Rape Culture Isn't One of Them

It has been said that there is a "rape culture" which exists at the University of Ottawa. It has never been OK to paint with such a broad brush. Given the severe consequences of having such a reputation, I think that before that label is handed out a task force needs to return some consistent findings. While Ottawa U has its list of problems, which I am sure many other universities face, rape is not one of them.
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