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Engaged? You Better Start Saving Now

Although it sounds unromantic, you essentially set a new savings milestone when you pick your official wedding day. Think about those costs that come after the wedding -- a house, kids, vacations, retirement savings. The last thing you want to do is go into debt to pay for a single day before the rest of your life takes off.

How Bridal Swap Cuts Wedding Costs

The average cost of a Canadian wedding was more than $25,000 last year, so it makes sense to check out ways to save money like the Vancouver Bridal Swap. Two wedding planners, Sarah Shore and Geneve M...

Save Cash And Stay Stylish On Your Big Day

TORONTO - Invitations to weddings, showers and stagettes often jam the summer social calendar, but they can be a drain on the finances of women shelling out for different dresses for every occasion.On...

Always a Bridesmaid? Here's How to Save

Meet Jennifer Hills, a communications advisor and recent condominium owner who is single. She's been a bridesmaid four times in four years and will be again this year. Hills estimates each wedding has cost her $1,500. This is truly a double-edged sword: on one hand it is a great thrill and honour to be recognized by the bride and groom; on the other, costs can quickly add up and dampen the enthusiasm.