March 24, 2017

What's Causing The Increased Rate Of ADHD?

Smoking Pregnant Highwaystarz-Photography via Getty Images

There are common theories about why ADHD is diagnosed more often. They include: More awareness of the condition, better recognition and diagnosis, pharmaceutical marketing, educational reforms and more. But recent research may hold a suprising answer. It relates to smoking during pregnancy.

Budget Continues Discrimination Against Indigenous Kids: Cindy Blackstock

First Nations Suicide Ontario
Bernard Weil via Getty Images

Kate Winslet's Speech On Overcoming Bullies Is ~Inspiring~

Kate Winslet
Neil Hall / Reuters

Genius Kid Uses Unconscious Mom's Thumb To Unlock Her Phone

Child Iphone
real444 via Getty Images

Beyoncé Fulfills Teenage Cancer Patient's Last Wish

Beyonce Facetime
twitter/Beyonce Legion

Being An Older Mom Might Make You A Better Parent

Older Mom Baby
Juanmonino via Getty Images

Federal Budget Has Good News For Families Across The Country

Canada Budget Childcare
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Teenage Lottery Winner Gives Nearly All Of His Winnings To Parents

Lottery Ticket
payphoto via Getty Images

Pope Has The Sweetest Reaction After Girl Steals His Cap

Pope Francis
TIZIANA FABI via Getty Images

Electronics Ban On U.S. And U.K. Flights Has Parents Panicking

Kid Plane
Henrik Sorensen via Getty Images

Starbucks Barista Reportedly Body Shamed An 11-Year-Old Girl

Mohammad Khursheed / Reuters

This Sleep Calculator Finds You The Perfect Time To Go To Bed

Ideal Sleep Calculator
Maxim Chuvashov via Getty Images

2-Year-Old Baby 'Looks More Like Ed Sheeran Than Ed Sheeran'

Ed Sheeran

This Is How Sperm Perfect Their Swimming Technique

Eraxion via Getty Images

Watch: The Biggest Fears Of Kids From War Zones Vs. Safe Countries

Syrian Children Dream
World Vision

'Sesame Street' To Debut New Muppet Who Has Autism

Sesame Street

Hell Hath No Fury Like Hockey Parents After Team Loses By Coin Toss

Coin Flip
slobo via Getty Images

Watch These Kids Solve Your Biggest Parenting Problems

Kid Advice

BBC Interview Spoof Video Swaps A Mom In For Robert Kelly

Bbc Mom
Jono and Ben/YouTube

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Wants Men To Be Better Mentors For Boys

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
George Pimentel via Getty Images

Meet The Woman Who Has Over 1,400 Children

Sindhutai Sapkal
Mail Today via Getty Images

Teen Creates Ultimate Feminist T-Shirt For Sister To Combat Dress Code

Isabella Villegas/Twitter

It's Now Possible To Have A Three-Parent Baby In The U.K.

Juanmonino via Getty Images

'Beauty And The Beast' Is Very Different From The Original Fairy Tale

Beauty And The Beast

Kids Stop Exercising A Lot Earlier Than You Think

Lazy Child
JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Marion Kelly Is The Real Winner Of The Internet

Marion Kelly
David Llewellyn/Twitter

John Legend On How He Helped Chrissy Teigen Deal With Postpartum Depression

Dan MacMedan via Getty Images

Cate Blanchett Doesn't Care What You Think Of Her Daughter's Boy Clothes

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

'Yes, I Was Wearing Pants,' Dad From Viral BBC Interview Confirms



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Sore Breast
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5 Ways To Reduce Your Child's Stress During A Divorce

Child Divorce
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If Your Child Is Being Bullied, Here's What You Can Do To Help

Child Bullied
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Two Thoughts Kids Have When Their Parents Fight

Parents Fight
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Little Girl Smart
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Mother Daughter
oscarhdez via Getty Images

How To Deal With Pregnancy Back Pain Once And For All

Pregnancy Back Pain
Lane Oatey / Blue Jean Images via Getty Images

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Irish Last Names That Make Great First Names

Irish Baby

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The 'Bro Code' Is Hurting Our Boys

Teenage Boys
Caiaimage/Robert Daly via Getty Images

5 Body Image Heroes Girls Can Look Up To


If Your Child Has A Serious Health Condition, Here's What To Do

Sick Child Hospital Family
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Age Isn't Only A Concern For Moms; Older Dads Have Health Risks, Too

Grandpa Baby
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You Never Want Children Listening To Everything You Say

Children Mad
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10 Tips On Helping Teen Boys Express Their Feelings

Teenage Boy
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8 Feminist Books Every Kid Should Read

Girl Power
Girl Power

10 Things To Know About Adoption In Canada

Adoption Parents
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3 Pregnancy Myths All Moms-To-Be Should Avoid

Pregnant Woman Eating
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