September 27, 2016

After Suicide: What I Wish I Could Say To My Son Daniel

Daniel Lynn Keane

Why didn't you answer our calls that night? We couldn't figure out why you hadn't come home for dinner. When did you last think about your family that terrible night? Did you consider, even for a moment, that our lives would be a living hell after you were gone? Why didn't you tell us that you hated who you had become? You had lost hope. Despite all of the good in your life, I think there was a layer of fear and uncertainty that left you adrift.

Adorable Dancers Show Royals Their Girl Power

Prince William 2016
CP Images

Ronan Farrow Shares Sweet Tribute To Late Brother, Thaddeus

Ronan Farrow
Brendan McDermid / Reuters

Candid Photos Remind Us Justin Trudeau, Prince William Go Way Back

Pierre Trudeau Princess Diana
CP Images

Pregnant Olivia Wilde Uses Anti-Trump Ad For Gender-Reveal

Olivia Wilde
Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

B.C. Premier's Son Roasted For Behaviour Around Royals

Hamish Marissenclark

Adam Levine Is All Skin-To-Skin In First Photo With Dusty Rose

Adam Levine
Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Brad Pitt's Side Of Alleged Child Abuse Incident Comes Out

Brad Pitt
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Prince George Totally Snubbed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Prince George

Royals Visit Vancouver Charity For Mothers Overcoming Addiction

Pool via Getty Images

Prince George And Princess Charlotte Take Canada By Storm

Royal Visit
Danny Martindale via Getty Images

25 Hilarious Toddler Costumes That Only Adults Will Get

Toddler Costumes
Paige Phillips Photography/Aimee Castle

Everything We Know About Brad Pitt Child Abuse Allegations (So Far)

Brad Pitt
Neil Hall / Reuters

This Daddy-Daughter Morning Ritual Is Adorable

Dad Daughter

25 Families Who Just Upped The Halloween Game

Family Costumes
Jade Mule

Kristen Bell Shares Her Most Embarrassing Childhood Haircut

Kristen Bell
Rich Fury/Invision/AP

Adam Levine Goes All '80s When Naming Daughter

Adam Levine

FBI Releases Statement About Brad Pitt Child Abuse Allegations

Brad Pitt
Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Xavier Trudeau Gives China's Premier Very Canadian Kid Welcome

Xavier Trudeau

Super Lice Have Taken Over The U.S.

Super Lice

Powerful Photos Prove Our Stillborn Babies Will Never Be Forgotten

Stillborn Photo
Alicia Lawrence Fabrisi

Mia Farrow's 27-Year-Old Son Found Dead In Car: Reports

Mia Farrow
Denis Balibouse / Reuters

Brad Pitt Under Investigation For Child Abuse: Reports

Brad Pitt
Daniel Munoz / Reuters

Finland's Laid-Back Approach To Education Is Totally Working

Finland Child Play
Lauri Rotko via Getty Images

Remember This? 'Prince William Was The Original One Direction'

Prince William Canada 1998

Cafeteria Worker Quits, Saying School Lunch Policy Shames Kids

Stacy Koltiska

Genius School Replaces Detention With Meditation

Holistic Life Foundation/Facebook

The 5-Minute Lunch Box Challenge

KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

Lupita Nyong'o's 96-Year-Old Grandma Could Care Less About Fame

Gregg DeGuire via Getty Images


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Baby Acne
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Surprising Foods That Contain Dairy

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Easy Ways To Tell Your Baby Has Strep Throat

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How To Help Kids With School Stress And Anxiety

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Kraft Canada Recalls Strained Prunes Because Of Rubber

Baby Food Recall
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Eating Your Placenta May Not Be The Best Idea, Experts Say

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