January 22, 2017

Diverse Toys Could Help Children Become Compassionate Leaders

Diverse Kids Playing Toys FatCamera via Getty Images

Kids connect with characters who look like them, even if those characters are sidelined. But during playtime, your kid is the casting director. A toy they can identify with makes them the hero of their own story, and could overcome what we call 'activist's block,' the self-diminishing excuse we hear often: "I'm just one person. What can I do?"

All The Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Connecting Pixar Films

Pixar Easter Eggs

Barron Trump Reappeared To Watch Dad Become President

Barron Trump
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Teen Ballerina Is Dancing Her Way To Body Positivity

Lizzy Howell
Lizzy Howell/Instagram

Breastfeeding Photography Captures The Most Tender Moments

Maravic via Getty Images

Who Is Lemony Snicket's Beatrice?

Lemony Snicket Beatrice

Colin Mochrie And His Daughter Open Up About Her Gender Transition

Colin Kinley Mochrie
ET Canada/Screenshot

Prince George, Princess Charlotte Received Bizarre Gifts In Canada

George Charlotte
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

Obama Reveals How Malia And Sasha Reacted To Trump's Victory

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Colin Mochrie Speaks Out In Support Of Transgender Daughter

Colin Mochrie

Girls Are Missing School Because Of Their Periods. In Canada.

'Facts Of Life' Star Opens Up About Getting Pregnant At 44

Facts Of Life Cast

Neil Young Shares Life Lesson Learned From Son With Cerebral Palsy

Neil Young Son

Jaden Smith Fails Driver's Test, Melts Down On Instagram

Jaden Smith

B.C. Widower Shares Powerful Message To New Moms With Depression

Florence Leung Kim Chen

Justin Trudeau's Daughter Has Zero Political Aspirations

Justin Trudeau Ella
Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Fans Aren't Loving This 'Beauty And The Beast' Doll Of Emma Watson

Beauty And The Beast Doll

School District Worker Fired After Cheeky Tweet To Student

Katie Nash
Katie Nash/Facebook

Emma Watson Says Belle Is A Way Better Role Model Than Cinderella

Emma Watson Belle
Entertainment Weekly/Instagram

Pink Throws Daughter Adorable 'Big Sister Party'

Pink Daughter

Obama Sisters' First Moments In The White House Are All Of Us

Obama Daughters
Erin Ruberry/Twitter

Young Ryan Gosling Dancing Would Make Any Mom Blush

Ryan Gosling Dancing

Amber Alert Issued For Ontario Teen Allegedly Abducted By 2 Men

Alyssa Langille
Peel Regional Police Service

Mom Gives Birth To 14-Pounder, Closes Her Womb For Business

Big Baby
LaQueena Hunter Grover/Facebook

'Saved By The Bell' Principal's Catch Phrase Was An Inside Joke

Mr Belding

Family Ties' Star Felt 'Unburdened' After Coming Out

Family Ties

Trump's Grandson Is Desperately Over This Whole Presidency Thing

Bloomberg via Getty Images

'It's A Wonderful Life' Child Star Shares Memories Of Jimmy Stewart


Prince William Opens Up About Losing Mom For Lovely Reason



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Six Rules That Can Prevent Child Abduction

Kid Walking Alone
fuzznails via Getty Images

The Real Reason Boobs Shrink After Breastfeeding

Nerthuz via Getty Images

Moms Take Breastfeeding To A Whole New Level With These Tattoos

Breastfeeding Tattoos

When Is Family Day 2017?

Photo by.Ignacio Ayestaran via Getty Images

Creative Baby Name Reveals That Will Steal Your Heart

Baby Name Reveal

How To Get Your Kids To Open Up

Mom Kid Comfort
shapecharge via Getty Images

Vaccinating Babies In The Womb Could Become A Reality

JGI/Tom Grill via Getty Images

15 Kids' Bedrooms Straight Out Of Disney

Disney Bedrooms
Chaos And Couture/Instagram

12 Gorgeous Kids' Books About Same-Sex Families

Kids Books

What Moms Are Actually Doing When They Hold On To Guilt

Upset Mom
SolStock via Getty Images

Easy Ways New Dads Can Fight Weight Gain

Dad Eating With Baby
Tara Moore via Getty Images

Surprising Benefits Of Having A 'Dad Bod'

Dad Bod
MIXA via Getty Images

No Family Is Too Busy For Exercise. Here's Why

Family Fitness
Steve Glass via Getty Images

Posh Baby Names Of 2017 Are Pretty Bizarre

Crown Baby
Elysee Shen via Getty Images

Unpacking My Obsession With Lunchables

The Washington Post via Getty Images

6 Things Kids With LGBTQ Parents Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing

Same Sex Parents
LeoPatrizi via Getty Images

How Diverse Toys Help Kids Feel More Accepted

Diverse Toys

All The Classic Childhood Movies Debbie Reynolds Starred In

Debbie Reynolds Movies

10 Ways (That Don't Suck) To Celebrate New Year's Eve With Kids

New Years Eve Family
Leonardo Patrizi via Getty Images

20 Très Beaux French-Canadian Baby Names

Happy Baby

Hey Moms, Dads Are Just As Stressed Out About Finding Balance

Dad Busy
omgimages via Getty Images

All The Kids' Movies We Can't Wait To See In 2017

Kids Movies 2017

4 Tips To Stop Fighting With Your Kids

Mom Angry
martin-dm via Getty Images

When Different Parenting Styles Are Ruining Your Friendships

Mothers Friends
izusek via Getty Images
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