October 23, 2016

Hey Working Mamas: Daycare Isn't An Empowering Nod To Feminism

Businesswoman Daycare MIXA via Getty Images

You are not teaching your young child some philosophical lesson in egalitarianism. What you are actually teaching your child is that even if he or she would prefer to be with you, mommy's desire to be out in the working world (even at a financial loss) is more important.

N.B. City Mulls Changing Trick-Or-Treating Curfew, Age Limit

Trick Or Treating
Vast Photography via Getty Images

25 Years Later, Nirvana Baby Recreates Famous Album Cover

Nirvana Baby

Hilary Duff Hilariously Recreates Her First Big Movie Role

Casper Meets Wendy
20th Century Fox

Ryan Reynolds May Have Revealed The Sex Of Baby Number Two

Ryan Reynolds
Grant Pollard/Invision/AP

Susan Sarandon Is A Grandma Again!

Susan Sarandon
Bret Hartman / Reuters

Gord And Mike Downie Pass The Torch To WE Day Toronto's Youth

Gord Downie We Day

Susan Sarandon's Sons Are All Grown Up!

Susan Sarandon Sons
Evan Agostini via Getty Images

'Ferris Bueller' Star Reveals Inspiration Behind Famous Scene

Ferris Bueller

'I Dream of Jeannie' Star Opens Up About Losing Son To Drugs

Barbara Eden

Obama Imitating His Daughters Texting Is Spot On

Obama Texting
thanh ha/YouTube

Heartbreaking Reason Boy Asks Mom To Pack Two School Lunches

Two Lunches
Josette Duran/Facebook

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Shares Sweet Snap For Xavier's Birthday

Xavier Trudeau
Facebook/Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

4 Countries That Blow Canada's Maternity Leave Out Of The Water

Norway Baby
sola deo gloria via Getty Images

Smithsonian Needs $300,000 To Save Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers

Dorothy Slippers

Kerry Washington's Baby Boy Is Here!

Kerry Washington
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Malawi Chief Annuls 850 Child Marriages, Returns Girls To School

Theresa Kachindamoto

How Montessori Schools Got Started Will Surprise You


First, Teens Shunned Cable TV For Netflix. Now It's YouTube's Turn.


Pregnant Celebs Paint Gorgeous Bumps For Good Cause

Milla Jovovich

Toronto Mom Said She Was Forced To Breastfeed In Golf Club's Basement

Alexandra Shimo
Lia Grimanis

Beautiful Moms Make Their Way Back Into Family Photos

A Mothers Beauty
Hobbs Photography

Scott Eastwood As His Dad For Halloween. Epic.

Scott Eastwood Halloween

Adele Hints At When She'll Have Baby Number 2

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Badass Icelandic Politician Breastfeeds While Giving Speech

Breastfeeding Politician
Iceland Parliament

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Has 15 Tips On How To Raise A Feminist

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Dad Tries To Teach Baby Evil Laugh, Fails Adorably


Yes, There's A Stroller Marathon World Record And This Dad Beat It


Olivia Wilde Welcomes Daughter On 'International Day Of The Girl'

John Shearer via Getty Images


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Why Super Lice Might Not Be So Bad After All

Child Scratching
Elysee Shen via Getty Images

How To Trick-Or-Treat Safely When Your Kid Has Food Allergies

Trick Or Treating
FamVeld via Getty Images

18 Ways To Keep Kids Busy With A Box Of Q-Tips

Q Tip Activities

Super-Effective Tips For Resolving Parent-Teacher Conflicts

Parent Teacher
Andy Roberts via Getty Images

18 Funny Halloween Onesies Perfect For Your Little Monster

Halloween Onesies

What To Pack If You Need To Evacuate Your Home

Emergency Kit
Pamela Moore via Getty Images

6 Genius Tips From Pediatricians Who Are Also Moms And Dads

Stressed Mom
Carey Kirkella via Getty Images

10 Haunting Halloween Classics Kids Will Love On Netflix

Halloween Movies

Surprising Baby Names Quickly Gaining In Popularity

Baby Laughing
Roger Wright via Getty Images

Wage Gap Between Sexes Hits Working Moms The Hardest

Working Mom
Ben Bloom via Getty Images

4 Creative No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas For Kids

Painted Pumpkins

DIY Star Wars Halloween Costumes Worthy Of Your Little Padawan

Diy Star Wars Costumes

19 Most Canadian Kids' Halloween Costumes Ever

Canadian Kids Costumes
Coolest Homemade Costumes

How To Make Halloween Less Scary For Anxious Kids

Kid Halloween

10 Adorable DIY Costume Ideas For PAW Patrol Fans

Paw Patrol Costume
IMDB/Coolest Homemade Costumes

11 Lifesaving Potty Training Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Potty Training Hacks

Secret Trick For Super Clean Sippy Cups

Sippy Cup
McDonald P. Mirabile via Getty Images

Why Grade 1 Is A HUGE Deal

First Grade
Three Lions via Getty Images

How Parents Can Actually Help With Kids' Homework

UberImages via Getty Images

Try This Handy Trick Next Time You Leave The Kids With A Sitter

Babysitter Frame

Top Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid Eating

Pregnant Kitchen
Hero Images via Getty Images

Silly Dad Has Best Trick To Keep Kids Warm This Winter

Parent Hack

13 DIY Halloween Baby Costumes That Are Killing Us With Cute

Sushi Costume
The Cheese Thief

9 Ways Moms Inadvertently Push Dads Out

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