March 30, 2017

Your Child Needs Emotional Agility To Succeed

Emotional Agility onebluelight via Getty Images

Extensive rigorous research demonstrates that an emotionally secure child has a healthy understanding of interpersonal skills and improved academic performance. Every parent knows the pain of seeing their child in distress over some emotional hurt. As parents we must accept that we cannot make 'boo boo's go away for their entire life. Let them feel it and learn some agility skills. Dexterity counts in the game of life too.

Britain's Biggest Family Is Expecting Their 20th Child

Radford Family
Radford Family/Instagram

Celine Dion Turns 49, Shares Birthday Photos From Over The Years

Celine Dion
Stefanie Keenan via Getty Images

Santa Is Gay, In An Interracial Relationship In New Picture Book

Gay Santa
Daniel Kibblesmith/Twitter

Canadian Mom Creates Diverse Doll Line For Children Of Colour


Child Care In Canada Is Getting A Major Research Budget

Child Care Canada
FatCamera via Getty Images

10 Stars Whose Parents Had Fascinating Careers

Celeb Parents

Couple Sues U.S. State For Right To Name Daughter 'Allah'

Toddler Feet
golubovy via Getty Images

Health Canada Issues Warning Over Skin Cream For Babies And Kids

Purecare Herbal Cream
Health Canada

Mom Explains Stretch Marks To Daughter In Most Body-Positive Way

Allison Kimmey
Allison Kimmey/Facebook

Holding Your Newborn Close Is More Important Than You Realize

Skin To Skin Baby
IvanJekic via Getty Images

Benedict Cumberbatch And Sophie Hunter Welcome Second Child

Benedict Cumberbatch Sophie Hunter
Anthony Harvey via Getty Images

Watch Out World, Prince George Is Headed To School!

Prince George Royal
Pool via Getty Images

Globe Columnist: I Tried To Breastfeed Michael Chong's Baby. Twitter Breaks.

Leah Mclaren Michael Chong

Wealthy Women Need Help On Maternity Leave, Too: Labour Minister

Patty Hajdu
Justin Tang/Canadian Press

Young Moms Share What They Wish They Knew Before Motherhood

Young Mom
MStudioImages via Getty Images

Youth Program With Ties To Trudeau Receives Last-Minute Help

Trudeau Katimavik

Kate Middleton Talks About The 'Stresses And Strains' Of Motherhood

Catherine Middleton
Pool via Getty Images

Canada's Largest School Board Is No Longer Booking Trips To U.S.

Frontiere Canada Etats Unis
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Budget Continues Discrimination Against Indigenous Kids: Cindy Blackstock

First Nations Suicide Ontario
Bernard Weil via Getty Images

Kate Winslet's Speech On Overcoming Bullies Is ~Inspiring~

Kate Winslet
Neil Hall / Reuters

Genius Kid Uses Unconscious Mom's Thumb To Unlock Her Phone

Child Iphone
real444 via Getty Images

Beyoncé Fulfills Teenage Cancer Patient's Last Wish

Beyonce Facetime
twitter/Beyonce Legion

Being An Older Mom Might Make You A Better Parent

Older Mom Baby
Juanmonino via Getty Images

Federal Budget Has Good News For Families Across The Country

Canada Budget Childcare
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Teenage Lottery Winner Gives Nearly All Of His Winnings To Parents

Lottery Ticket
payphoto via Getty Images

Electronics Ban On U.S. And U.K. Flights Has Parents Panicking

Henrik Sorensen via Getty Images

This Is How Sperm Perfect Their Swimming Technique

Eraxion via Getty Images

Starbucks Barista Reportedly Body Shamed An 11-Year-Old Girl

Mohammad Khursheed / Reuters


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Fantastic Feminist Comic Books For Your Daughter (And, Yes, Son)

America Chavez

How Parents Can Learn To Trust Their Instincts More

New Parent
RuslanDashinsky via Getty Images

Why Being A 'Mama's Boy' Isn't A Bad Thing

Mamas Boy
aldomurillo via Getty Images

Sticker Charts Won't Make Your Child Less Angry

Angry Child
Nadezhda1906 via Getty Images

Here's Why You Shouldn't Say 'Good Job' To Your Kids

David Lees via Getty Images

How Parents Can Raise Kids That Recognize Racism

Diverse Kids
FatCamera via Getty Images

10 Fun Ways To Take Your Easter Egg Decor To The Next Level

Easter Eggs
Imgorthand via Getty Images

What Is Mastitis? The Painful Condition Affecting Some Breastfeeding Moms

Sore Breast
Tharakorn via Getty Images

5 Ways To Reduce Your Child's Stress During A Divorce

Child Divorce
vadimguzhva via Getty Images

If Your Child Is Being Bullied, Here's What You Can Do To Help

Child Bullied
CraigRJD via Getty Images

Two Thoughts Kids Have When Their Parents Fight

Parents Fight
Copyright Anek via Getty Images

8 LGBTQ-Friendly Books For Kids And Teenagers To Binge-Read

Gay Family
AleksandarNakic via Getty Images

10 Beautiful Celtic Baby Names You Don't Hear Every Day

Oleh_Slobodeniuk via Getty Images

14 Ways To Keep Your Kid Entertained On A Rainy Day

Rainy Day Kid
Sally Anscombe via Getty Images

6 Ways To Make Your Daughter Feel Smarter

Little Girl Smart
PeopleImages via Getty Images

Watch These Little Girls Give Words Of Encouragement To Their Moms

Mother Daughter
oscarhdez via Getty Images

How To Deal With Pregnancy Back Pain Once And For All

Pregnancy Back Pain
Lane Oatey / Blue Jean Images via Getty Images

3 Tips For Helping Your Kids Adjust To Daylight Saving Time

Baby Sleeping Day
Kevin Liu via Getty Images

18 Healthy Kids' Snack Ideas To Take On The Road

Kids Snacks Car
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Irish Last Names That Make Great First Names

Irish Baby

9 Things New Parents Can Do To Bring Back The Intimacy

Parents Kissing Baby
FatCamera via Getty Images

10 Ways To Foster Your Daughter's Self-Esteem

Group Of Little Girls
gradyreese via Getty Images

The 'Bro Code' Is Hurting Our Boys

Teenage Boys
Caiaimage/Robert Daly via Getty Images

5 Body Image Heroes Girls Can Look Up To

Today's Parents Videos