February 24, 2017

It's Time For Ontario To Cap All Classrooms At 20 Students

Student Diverse Classroom gradyreese via Getty Images

I don't want a four per cent raise. I want better learning conditions for our students and better working conditions for us. Most of all, I want to work on regaining the trust of the public again. Ontario has the greatest sub sovereign debt in the world. I don't want to leave that legacy for my own children or for my students.

Kids Sleep Straight Through Fire Alarms

Children Sleeping
Kajetan Kandler via Getty Images

Céline Dion Reflects On Life With Kids One Year After Husband's Death

Celine Dion
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

1 Out Of 5 Parents Apparently Aren't Having Sex

Parents Sleeping
Vincent Besnault via Getty Images

This New Children's Book Is Encouraging LGBTQ Acceptance

Promise Land
Promise Land/Facebook

Moms Can Improve Bond With Baby By Singing

Singing To Baby
Ascent Xmedia via Getty Images

Why The 1997 'Cinderella' Is Still Relevant 20 Years Later

1997 Cinderella
Vanessa Parker/Twitter

Nick Cannon's Baby Name Is The Most Eyebrow-Raising Of 2017 So Far

Nick Cannon
Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Ontario Teacher Who Pushed Anti-Vaccine Views Guilty Of Misconduct

Timothy C Sullivan

Saskatchewan Teacher Throws Marker At Student, Gets Fined $10K

ferrantraite via Getty Images

Childhood Obesity Runs In The Family

Obese Child
Ariel Skelley via Getty Images

Feist Is Helping Thousands Of HIV Kids, But She Needs Your Backpacks

Backpacks Malawi

Delaying Childbirth Doesn't Have To Be A Bad Thing

Pregnant Woman
Yuri_Arcurs via Getty Images

Angelina Jolie Taught Her Kids How To Eat Bugs Like A Pro

Angelina Jolie

Father's Facebook Plea Lands Son Lifetime Supply Of Kraft Dinner

Alberta Boy Dies After Falling Through Ice On Neighbourhood Canal

Airdrie Ice
Allan Hunter/Twitter

Paraplegic Man And Fiancée Share Cheeky Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement

This 'Degrassi' Star Is All Grown Up And Giving Us Total Drake Vibes

Aj Saudin
A.J. Saudin/Instagram

Baby Brain Scans May Reveal Autism Risk, Study Says

Autism Kids
Juanmonino via Getty Images

Kindergarten Teacher's Executive Order: NO MORE CHOCOLATE CAKE

Slice Of Chocolate Cake
petesaloutos via Getty Images

64-Year-Old Woman In Spain Gives Birth To Twins

64 Year Old Woman Twins
Grupo Recoletas/YouTube

William Shatner Helps Boy With Autism Find 'Star Wars' Kraft Dinner

Reed Botwright
Reed Botwright/Facebook

Britax Recalls 36K Stroller Sets In Canada After Car Seats Fall Off

Britax Recall
Health Canada

7-Year-Old Asks Google CEO For A Job Like A Boss

Sundar Pichai
Bloomberg via Getty Images

All The Times The Rock Proved He Was The Sweetest Dad

The Rock
The Rock/Instagram

B.C. MLA, Husband Welcome Valentine's Day Baby

Spencer Chandra Herbert Baby

One Chemo Drug May Actually Help Boost Fertility In Women

Bunwit via Getty Images

Olivia Wilde Melts Hearts On Valentine's Day With Sweet Snaps Of Kids

Olivia Wilde/Instagram

Genius App Helps Women Find Mom Friends

DragonImages via Getty Images


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3 Brilliant Baby Sleep Hacks For Exhausted Parents

Baby Sleeping
Kevin Liu via Getty Images

Improve Sperm Count With This One Easy Exercise

Man Exercising
vgajic via Getty Images

8 Things Parents Can Do For Themselves This Week

Woman Bath
Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Banish Morning Nausea With This Delicious Smoothie

Pregnant Smoothie
valentinrussanov via Getty Images

Parents Today Are, Well, Overparenting

Parent With Book
kali9 via Getty Images

It's Time To Stop Telling Young Boys To 'Man Up'

Group Of Boys
Hero Images via Getty Images

Tips To Make Your Home Look Pristine In A Hurry

House Cleaning
omgimages via Getty Images

10 Fun Ways To Celebrate Family Day This Year

Family Activities Winter
FatCamera via Getty Images

5 Young Female Role Models Your Children Can Look Up To

Michael Gottschalk via Getty Images

10 Anxieties All Kids Have On Valentine's Day

Kids Valentine
yasinguneysu via Getty Images

These Are The Most Popular Unisex Names Of 2017

Black Baby
onebluelight via Getty Images

8 Ways Parents Can De-Stress Their Child's Lives

Parent Helping Child
shironosov via Getty Images

How To Help Your Children Through Their Valentine's Day Anxieties

Valentines Day Children
Rohappy via Getty Images

How To Talk To Kids About Today's Terrible News Cycle

Children Protests
SolStock via Getty Images

Hottest Baby Names Of 2017 So Far Are Setting New Trends

Asian Baby Smile
hideous410grapher via Getty Images

7 Tips To Help You Sleep Better When Pregnant

Pregnant Woman Trying To Sleep
Monkey Business Images via Getty Images

Things To Remember When Meeting Your Step-Kids For The First Time

Woman Children
Images By Tang Ming Tung via Getty Images

Bold Reasons Why These Moms Want To Raise Feminist Sons

Feminist Sons
Flashpop via Getty Images

5 Ways To Promote A Healthy Body Image For Boys

Young Boy
Geber86 via Getty Images

Feminist Baby Names To Empower Your Little One


The 3 Absolute Worst Pieces Of Parenting Advice

Bad Parenting Advice
SolStock via Getty Images

Is Your Child Stressed? Here's 8 Signs To Watch Out For

Child Stress
jacktheflipper via Getty Images

5-Year-Old Schools The Internet On How To Tie Your Laces

Tying Shoes
Jessica Peterson via Getty Images

Why Is Caillou Named Caillou?

PBS Kids
Today's Parents Videos