February 6, 2016

Is Marco Muzzo's Tragic Case An Example Of Overly Permissive Parenting?

Marco Muzzo CP

It's clear that Mr. Muzzo's parents adore him, but I wonder if his parents had tried to intervene earlier on, calling him on his drinking, his fast driving and his general risk-taking behaviour. I wonder if more input from his parents could have prevented this tragedy from happening.

Three Reasons Why Your Kids Need To Sleep In Their Own Beds

Fertnig via Getty Images

Celebrities Who Are Hockey Parents And Proud Of It

Celebrity Hockey Parents

Students Protest School Dress Code... For Boys

School Dress Code Boys

Before She Was Loonette The Clown, She Was On Mr. Dressup

Loonette Big Comfy Couch

John Scott's Wife Gives Birth To Twins

John Scott Nhl
Brian Babineau via Getty Images

UN Wants Restrictive Birth Control Laws Reviewed To Fight Zika


NFL Dads Make Time To Do Their Daughters' Hair

Nfl Daughters Hair

Parents With Seriously Regrettable Baby Tattoos

Baby Tattoos
Awkward Family Photos

Ontario Parents Make Emotional Plea For Daughter Who Needs A New Liver

Giannalynn Favilla

Adorable GoPro Video Proves Not All Toddlers Suck At Hide-And-Seek

Toddler Hide And Seek

Parents Cancel Babymoon Plans Over Zika Fears

Pregnant Beach
Johner Images - Kullman, Jonas via Getty Images

Here Are Saskatchewan's Top Baby Names Of 2015

Ippei Naoi via Getty Images

Manitoba Mom Who Crawled Up Snowbank To Save Daughter Has Lost Feet To Frostbite

Kristen Hiebert

Unborn Baby Gives Calgary Mom Thumbs-Up During Ultrasound

Thumbs Up Ultrasound
Nicole Kim/Facebook

Dad's Photo Series Highlights The Many Faces Of Autism

Vintage Kris And Bruce Jenner Interview Reminds Us What Was Important During O.J. Simpson Trial

Kris Bruce Jenner Interview

With Nowhere Else To Turn, Mentally Ill Youth End Up In ER

Emergency Room

Kids Couldn't Afford Pokémon Cards, So They Made These

Kids Card Game

Rodents Take Over New York City Daycare. Shudder.

Nyc Day Care
Aol On

Winnipeg School Bus Driver Fired For Urinating In Public

School Bus Driver
Jamie Grill via Getty Images

MP Brings Baby To House Of Commons. Cuteness Reigns!

Parliament Hill
GEOFF ROBINS via Getty Images

Pam Anderson's Son Just Got A Major Modelling Gig

Dylan Lee

One-Year-Old Snowboarder Has Already Mastered The Slopes

Sloane Henderson
Aol On

The Chaos Of Every Mom's Mind Summed Up In One Drawing

Moms Mind

An Innocent Kiss Could Spread The Zika Virus: Brazilian Officials


Town Welcomes First Baby In 28 Years

Hongqi Zhang via Getty Images

You Can't Spank Kids In These Countries

LOIC VENANCE via Getty Images

Mariah Carey's 4-Year-Old Twins Have No Idea She's Engaged



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12 Lucky Names For Babies Born In The Year Of The Monkey

Baby China
Kevin Liu via Getty Images

17 Cutest Valentine's Day Onesies For Your Love Bug

Valentine Onesies

Unique Baby Name Ideas For Multiples

Stephen Swain Photography via Getty Images

Super Simple Winter Hacks To Keep Kids Warm At Recess

Winter Hacks Kids
A Girl And A Glue Gun/B Hooked Crochet

This Is What The Rare Birth Defect Linked To The Zika Virus Does

Zika Virus
Mario Tama via Getty Images

Apparently The Solution To The Economy Is In Our Breasts

Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Baby Names Meaning Love That We Really, Really Love

Baby Valentine
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock via Getty Images

Why, Oh, Why Do Babies Fight Sleep?!?!?

Baby Tired
Evan Kafka via Getty Images

10 Kids' Snacks That Boost Their Mental Health

Kids Snacks Mental Health
Cookin Canuck/Montmorency

10 Heart Animals Your Kids Can Make For Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Crafts
Crafty Morning/Housing A Forest

13 Helpful Hacks To Soothe Your Teething Baby

Teething Hacks
Lula/Cook the Story

Pregnant Women And New Moms Need To Be Screened For Depression, Urges U.S. Panel

SolStock via Getty Images

What You Need To Know About The Zika Virus

Zika Virus Facts

9 Toddler-Friendly Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentines Day Crafts

What It Means To Have A Baby Born In The Year Of The Monkey

Baby China
Christoph Wilhelm via Getty Images

Parents Aren't Doing Their Kids Any Favours By Letting Them Stay Up

Child Tired
Laura Natividad via Getty Images

10 Easy School Recess Snacks Kids Can Eat On The Go

School Recess Snacks
Kristines Kitchen/Raining Hot Coupons

11 Brilliant Ideas For Storing All Your Kids' Books

Kids Storage

Why Toddlers Bite And How To Deal With It

Toddler Innocent
ballyscanlon via Getty Images

15 Ways To Get Your Kids Eating Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt Recipes
Cupcakes & Kale Chips/Running with Spoons

Things My Toddler Wants When It's Way Past His Bedtime

Spiraling Upwards
Spiraling Upwards

15 Ways Kids Can Get Creative With Their Names

Name Crafts
Fun-A-Day/Learning With Play At Home

When You Regret The Name You Chose For Your Baby

Athena Image
Tara Moore via Getty Images

This Is The Biggest Mistake Today's Parents Are Making

Peathegee Inc via Getty Images