August 26, 2016

A Message To Parents Sending Daughters Back To School

Girls School Hero Images

As your daughter heads off to school with her pocket full of your first-day advice, remind her to be her sister's keeper, as well. With today's hyper-media connectivity, it is quite safe to say that if there are problems in a girl's life somebody knows something.

This 11-Year-Old Is Already The Star Of His University Class

Daniel Liu

Awkward Moments That Only Happen With Twins

Awkward Twins
Awkward Family Photos

Girl Pulled From Quake Rubble Was Trapped Upside Down For 17 Hours

Girl Rescued Italy Earthquake
Sky News UK/Screenshot

First Child With Double-Hand Transplant Is Inspiring Us All

Zion Harvey

Health Canada Recalls Nearly 6,000 Strollers Due To Safety Issue

Stroller Recall
Health Canada

Arrests Made After Video Shows Woman Blowing Smoke In Child's Mouth

Smoke Video
Idaho On Your Side/AOL

Teachers Are Paying For Their Own School Supplies

Kindergarten Class
poplasen via Getty Images

Edmonton Runner Carries Mom Across The Finish Line

Rebecca Chelmick
Rebecca Chelmick

This Brilliant Tattoo Is Empowering Breastfeeding Mamas

Breastfeeding Tattoo
Breastfeeding Mama Talk/Facebook

Jacob Tremblay Is Bringing 'Wonder' To Life

Jacob Tremblay Wonder

Teacher Declares No Homework Policy, Becomes Everyone's Hero

No Homework Policy
Samantha Gallagher/Facebook

Jamie Oliver's Baby Name Is As Quirky As You'd Expect

Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver/Instagram

Dad Tried To Free Toddler's Head From Gator's Jaw In Disney Attack

Lane Graves
CBS4 Miami

Mom Showcases Kids' Hilarious Reactions To Going Back To School

School Kids

Beloved Family Dog Dies After Saving Baby From House Fire

Balitmore Fire
Erika n Viv/GoFundMe

Most Endearing Parenting Moments At The Summer Olympics

Nia Ali
Cameron Spencer via Getty Images

Ontario Teen Calls 911 Saying She Was Forced To Go On Vacation

Kativ via Getty Images

Mom Gives Birth To Triplets Weighing A Whopping 20 Pounds

Caleb Kate Tipton
Caleb & Kate Tipton/Instagram

Edmonton Girl's Leg Split Open By Makeshift Water Slide

Water Slide
Kelly Loughlin Photography via Getty Images

This Kid Is The Biggest Star To Come Out Of The Olympics

Boomer Phelps

Quebec Father Charged After Daughter Kills Seagull At Beach

Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Celebrity Parents Who Can't Be Bothered With Getting Married

Celeb Parents Who Never Got Hitched

Holy Crap, Christie Brinkley's Lookalike Daughter Is Starting College

Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley/Instagram

Jason Momoa Is Quickly Reminded Not To Turn His Back On His Kids

Jason Momoa

Jillian Michaels Has Best Reason For Getting Son's Ears Pierced

Jillian Michaels Kids

Celine Dion Is So Not Ready For Her Son To Start Dating Yet

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

Eddie Murphy Has Lame Excuse For Not Changing Daughter's Diapers

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

10 Celebrities Reveal Brutal Bullying They Endured As Kids



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School Lunch Bags Parents Will Actually Want To Pack

Lunch Box
West Coast Kids

These Adorable Baby Cosplays Are Every Nerdy Parents' Dream

Baby Costume
Ippei Naoi via Getty Images

When Is It OK To Leave Your Child Home Alone?

Child Home Alone
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

How To Help Kids Cope With Death and Funerals

Kid Funeral
RubberBall Productions via Getty Images

Everything You Don't Want To Know About Head Lice

Head Lice
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

How To Handle Your 'Threenager' (Back Talk And All)

Toddler Attitude
MoMo Productions via Getty Images

Bedtime Hacks To Get Your Kids Back On A Sleep Routine

Bedtime Hacks
Love Marriage Baby Carriage/Kids Activities Blog

Most Popular Unisex Names Of 2016

Unisex Baby

12 Myths About Type 1 Diabetes Parents Need To Stop Believing NOW

Child Insulin
CONEYL JAY via Getty Images

Kids Try Brown Bag Lunches From Years Past

School Lunches

13 Backpacks Under $40 Your Inner-Kid Will Envy

Back To School Shopping

Easy Tips To Safely Prep Your Food-Allergic Kid For School

Child Lunch
Elisabeth Schmitt via Getty Images

Why Good Grades Don't Even Matter Anymore

School Grades
MoMo Productions via Getty Images

When Does School Start? (Sorry, Kids)

Back To School
evgenyatamanenko via Getty Images

How To Get Your Kid's Sleep Routine Back On Track For September

Child Sleeping
Blend Images - Inti St Clair via Getty Images

Eight Tips That Will Make Laundry Day So Much Easier

JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Genius Stroller Hack Keeps Baby Cool In Summer Heat

Stroller Fan

Back-To-School Lunch Hacks For Cheapskate Parents

Lunch Hacks

How To Recover After Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids

Woman Angry
Digital Vision via Getty Images

Why Eldest Children Are Most Resistant To Big-Kid Beds

Kiss Kid Bed
Itziar Aio via Getty Images

No-Bake Kids' Snacks For When It's Too Friggin' Hot To Cook

No Bake Snacks

How To Prep Kids For School When They Have Food Allergies

School Lunch
Jose Luis Pelaez via Getty Images

18 Adorable Olympic Baby Onesies That Will Win Your Heart

Olympic Onesies

The Critical Window Parents Don't Want To Miss For Sleep Training

Baby Sleep
Maskot via Getty Images