April 24, 2017

Eat, Play, Love: Why A Child's First 1,000 Days Make All the Difference

Baby Play Arand via Getty Images

Children get the best start in life when they spend their early years lovingly nurtured by engaged caregivers. Helping parents raise healthy, well-adjusted kids is a win-win situation: what's good for the kids is also good for the world.

Kids In Refugee Camps Will Get Their Own 'Sesame Street'

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Serena Williams Thanks Her Baby For Giving Her Strength To Be #1

WILLIAM WEST via Getty Images

Couple Says 'Hello' And 'Goodbye' To Terminally Ill Child

Keri Young via Facebook

Yes, Kids Deserve Sugar But You Can Still Control How Much

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When Should You Start Asking Kids' Permission To Post Their Photos?

svetikd via Getty Images

Not Every Woman Should Give Birth At Home

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How To Properly Clean Even Your Kids' Grossest Toys

Solène Vasseur / EyeEm via Getty Images

Canadian PSAs That Traumatized Us As Kids, But Still Saved Our Lives


Kate Middleton Reveals She Struggled As A New Mom

POOL New / Reuters

Let These Couples Show You How Co-Parenting Is Done

Emilee Player / Facebook

This Lifesaving Bone Marrow Match Shouldn't Have Worked, But It Did


This Selfie Is Everything That's Good About Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Courtesy of Julissa Emile

9 Things You Need To Know About Teen Acne

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Magic Johnson Was 'So Happy' When Son EJ Came Out As Gay

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Her 8-Month Pregnant Belly Was Key To Finishing The Boston Marathon

Julie McGivery/Facebook

No One's Telling This New Mom What To Do With Her Postpartum Body


Serena Williams Is Reportedly Pregnant!

Michael Dodge via Getty Images

5 Surprising Baby Names Parents Probably Regret The Most

dimafoto via Getty Images

Prince Harry Really Wants Kids, And Meghan Does Too!


9 Questions Every Parent Has Had About 'Paw Patrol'

Paw Patrol

The Rock Dressed Up As Pikachu (And How Other Celebs Celebrate Easter)


Model's Nephew Grabs Her Boobs, Every Mom Understands

Tillie Medland

How To Understand Autism Spectrum Disorder

Weekend Images Inc. via Getty Images

Earthy Baby Names For Your Flower Child


Beyoncé Shows Off Stellar Pregnancy Curves At Easter Celebration

Tina Knowles/Instagram

The Most Affordable Self-Care Tips For Moms

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U.S. State Outlaws Shaming Kids Who Can't Afford Lunch

asiseeit via Getty Images

Why Quebec Daycares Are Recommending 'War Games' For Boys

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Ontario Couple Lost Foster Home For Not Believing In Easter Bunny: Lawsuit

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7-Year-Old Syrian Girl Who Tweeted About Aleppo Lands Book Deal

Bana Alabed/Twitter

Free Ways To Get Your Kids More Active This Spring

Robert Daly via Getty Images

1 In 6 European Women Drink While Pregnant: Study

Yuri_Arcurs via Getty Images

Kids Only Need 10 Minutes Of Intense Exercise A Day

kali9 via Getty Images

David Letterman And His Mom Gave Us Total Parenting Goals

Ball State University

Kelly Rowland Describes The Moment Her Son First Said 'I Love You'

Cindy Ord via Getty Images

Parents' Fights Could Be A Bigger Problem For Kids Than Divorce

Wavebreakmedia via Getty Images

Michael Bublé's Wife Confirms Son Beat Liver Cancer

Michael Buble/Instagram

Prince George, Princess Charlotte To Be Part Of Pippa's Wedding

Samir Hussein via Getty Images

Getting A Dog Before Baby Is Born Makes For A Healthier Child

lilybunrin via Getty Images

How To Explain Easter To Your Kids If You're Not Religious

kolinko_tanya via Getty Images

How To Prevent Ear Infections In Children

M-image via Getty Images

Ashton Kutcher Credits His Family For Making Him A Better Man

Todd Williamson/BBMA2016 via Getty Images

Turkish Airlines Crew Helps Deliver Baby Mid-Flight

Turkish Airlines/Twitter

Wish Comes True For Edmonton Cancer Survivor, Ethiopian 'Sister'

Photo: Facebook/ Children's Make A Wish Foundation

This Is How You Deal With Judgy Parents

laflor via Getty Images

Why Scholastic Book Fair Will Always Be The Highlight Of The School Year

Jolene Saks/Instagram
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