May 27, 2016

Why We Kiss in Front of Our Kids

Thankfully I've outgrown my aversion to public displays of affection, and kissing my husband feels as natural as breathing, especially in front of our children.

60-Year-Old Fights To Give Birth To Her Own Grandkids

Science Photo Library - ZEPHYR via Getty Images

Johnny Depp's Wife Files For Divorce Days After His Mother Dies

Johnny Depp Amber Heard
Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Husband Posts Emotional Letter About Heartache Of Infertility

Dan Majesky

U.S. Couple Resorts To Crowdfunding To Cover Mom's Mat Leave

Charles Webb Rona Luo
Katie Loncke

Baby Girl Born Weighing The Same As A Six-Month Old

15 Pound Baby

Paris Jackson Gets More Ink In Memory Of Her Dad

Paris Jackson Tattoo
Instagram/Paris Jackson

Chewbacca Mom Reveals Real Reason She Posted That Video

Chewbacca Mom
Candace Payne/Facebook

Prince Harry Relives One Of His Happiest Memories Of His Mom

Prince Harry Diana
Stringer Spain / Reuters

Cops Have Perfect Response To Idiot's Calls About Playing Kids

Kids Soccer
Inside Edition/AOL ON

Son's Last Photo Of His Parents Will Leave You Gutted

Chris Mininni Parents
Chris Mininni

Bad Luck Strikes Twice For Alberta Mom

Fort Mcmurray
Chris Wattie / Reuters

Liberal Parental Leave Plans May Widen Gap Between Rich And Poor

Maryann Mihychuk

Look Who Turned Up At The Chewbacca Mask Video Lady's Door

Chewbacca Mask

Céline Dion's 'The Show Must Go On' Tribute To René Is A Must-See

Celine Dion Billboard Music Awards
Lester Cohen/BBMA2016 via Getty Images

These Divorced Celeb Parents Still Vacation Together

Divorced Celebrity Parents

Louis CK Picked A Powerful Place To Send His Jeopardy Winnings

Louis Ck Jeopardy

Kristen Bell Wasn't Impressed With Dax Shepard's Vasectomy

Kristen Bell Dax Shepard
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

Saskatoon-Born Mom Identified As EgyptAir Crash Victim

Christian Hartmann / Reuters

School Tells Parents To Stop Visiting Late Son's Classmates

Thomas Martin

Proof Jacob Tremblay Looks Just Like His Mom

Jacob Tremblay
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Transgender Tween Knows All Too Well The Importance Of Bill C-16

Transgender Tween
YouTube/CBC News

Tanker Truck Crashes Into Ontario School Bus, 7 Kids Hurt

School Bus
Katrina Wittkamp via Getty Images

Rory Gilmore Is A Mom! Alexis Bledel Welcomed Baby... Last Year

Alexis Bledel
Jason Kempin via Getty Images

Mom Has Her Own Cake Smash Photo Shoot And It's Epic

Mom Cake Smash
Rachel Farganis Photography

Celine Dion Shares Private Photos Of Her Sons

Celine Dion
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Tips For Going To Movie Theatre With Your Kids

Nick White via Getty Images

Child-Care Wait List Fees Will Go 'Bye-Bye' In Ontario

Colin McConnell via Getty Images

Sorry, Dads-To-Be, You Can't Drink Either

g-stockstudio via Getty Images


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8 Steps To Calming An Anxious Child

Anxious Child
tatyana_tomsickova via Getty Images

Funny Baby Onesies That Alleviate Sleepless Nights... Sort Of

Funny Baby Onesies

No, I Am Not Ashamed I Didn't Put My Kid In French Immersion

French Class
nito100 via Getty Images

Unique Biblical Baby Names That Go Beyond Mary and Noah

Baby Angel
Paul Harizan via Getty Images

When Can Kids Sit In The Front Seat Of A Car?

Kid Car
Maskot via Getty Images

Natural C-Section Video Shows Us Babies Can Deliver Themselves

Natural Caesarean
Sarah Saunders/YouTube

Should Kids Be At Weddings?

Kids At Weddings

How To Raise Seriously Happy Kids

Happy Child
Liam Norris via Getty Images

Victoria Day Crafts To Keep Kids Busy Over The Long Weekend

Victoria Day Crafts
Toddler Approved/Craft & Creativity

Best Unisex Baby Names Chosen By Celebrities

Celeb Unisex Baby Names

Best Toddler Hacks To Help Control The Ooey-Gooey Mess

Toddler Hacks

Airplane Travel Tips For Expectant Moms

kjekol via Getty Images

Party On! Best Throwback Movies On Netflix Canada For Your Tween

Tween Movies Netflix

Canada's Childhood Obesity Rates Finally Drop

Overweight Kids
kwanchaichaiudom via Getty Images

15 Mason Jar Hacks Every Parent Needs

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Babble/Fireflies & Mudpies

Stop Worrying About CAS And Give Your Kids Independence

Kids Walking
Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy via Getty Images

Most Popular Baby Names Of 2015 Are Yawners

Top Baby Names 2015
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Best Unisex Baby Names Of 2016

Unisex Baby Names

10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms You May Feel Before Peeing On A Stick

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Why My Husband And I Chose Not To Circumcise Our Sons

Its A Boy
Brian Carpenter via Getty Images

15 Muffin Recipes To Keep Kids Happy And Healthy

Healthy Muffin Recipes
Running With Spoons/This Mama Cooks

Why Spanking Does More Harm Than Good

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19 Free Things To Do In Toronto With Kids

Free Things Toronto Kids

Teaching Sexual Consent Starts In Preschool

Teach Consent
Images By Tang Ming Tung via Getty Images

14 Crafts To Connect Your Kids With Mother Earth

Earth Day Crafts