July 22, 2014
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Harper Must Answer For Duffy's Crimes

Mike Duffy Getty

It's a terribly sad day for Parliament when a member of the Senate gets hauled before the criminal courts to face 31 charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust. The formal trial of Mike Duffy is about to begin. The damage Duffy has done flows directly from the fact that he was a duly appointed Senator. So who put him there? Who gave him that position? Stephen Harper cannot escape responsibility. He demonstrated enormously bad judgment in making Duffy a Senator. Canadians need their Prime Minister to provide fulsome, accurate answers.

May Wants To Co-Operate With Liberals, NDP In Next Election

Elizabeth May Justin Trudeau

Tory Bill Will Keep HIV Rates High: Study

Peter Mackay

Key Harper Policies Don't Match Canadians' Priorities: Surveys

Stephen Harper
Steve Russell via Getty Images

RoFo More Popular With Black Voters Than Obama, Doug Ford Claims

Rob Ford

Tory MP: Time To Declare 'Total Economic War' On Russia

Peter Goldring

Duffy Accused Of Expensing Travel To Funeral

Mike Duffy Resignation

Baird: No One Believes Putin

John Baird Syria

Canada Slaps More Sanctions On Russia

NDP Ready For Battle

Thomas Mulcair Body Mural

Quebec Mayor Dies After Being Stung By Wasps

Lucie Roussel

Charges Dropped Against Several Arrested In Project Traveller Probe

Rob Ford
CP/The Globe and Mail

Prostitution Bill ‘Absolute Gold' For Tory Party Base: Pollster

Peter Mackay Cyberbullying

Former Mayor Taunts Rob Ford

Mel Lastman
Bad Boy/Facebook

Greens Share Hopes (And Worries) For 2015

Elizabeth May

Baird Calls For 'Credible' Investigation Into MH17 Crash

John Baird Qatar Icao

Tory MP: Courts Are Being Used As An 'End-Run' Around Demoracy

Marilyn Nieves via Getty Images

Why Did RCMP Charge Duffy, But Not Wright?

Nigel Wright Mike Duffy

MP Condemns MH17 Crash As 'Brutal Act Of Terror'

Chris Alexander

'Extremely Low' Number Of People With Disabilities In Politics

Compassionate Eye Foundation/Dan Kenyon via Getty Images

Mike Duffy's Defence Could Put Harper On Hot Seat

Stephen Harper
Steve Russell via Getty Images

Another Ford Family Member To Run For Political Office

Doug Ford Rob Ford

Tories Taking Eyes Off The Ball With Talk Of Sex And Drugs

Stephen Harper Marijuana

Prosecutors Have Their Work Cut Out For Them: Experts

Mike Duffy

Duffy Maintains Innocence After Charges In Expenses Scandal

Mike Duffy Expenses

Liz May Backs Motion Condemning 'Illegal' Israeli Settlements

Elizabeth May

Tories Release Pro-Israel Ad Amid War In Gaza, But They Don't Want Everyone To See It

Stephen Harper Israel
Getty Images

Premier Brad Wall Hits Out At Senate

Brad Wall Huawei

Rob Ford On Rob Ford: 'Rob Ford Is Not Going To Fail'

Rob Ford

But The Sobriety Coach Is Gone

Daughter Of Conservative Party President Dies After Hit By Van

John Walsh

Duffy May Now Be Harper's Top Political Opponent

Stephen Harper Mike Duffy

Bribery Charge Adds New Layer To Saga

Mike Duffy

Guess Who's Back, Back Again

Tim Hudak

Controversial Education Act Must Go, First Nation Leaders Reiterate

Assembly Of First Nations

Lake Ontario 'Shark' Stunt Wasn't Funny: Wynne

Kathleen Wynne Shark

How We Got From An Audit In 2012 To 31 Charges In 2014

Mike Duffy Expenses

Duffy's Legal Team May Call Harper As Witness

Stephen Harper

FULL TEXT: RCMP Statement On Duffy Charges

Gilles Michaud

FULL TEXT: Statement From Duffy's Lawyer

Mike Duffy

Will Eve Be Disqualified?

Eve Adams

Tories Hold Hard Line On Pledge

Prostitutes Back Off Exposing Conservative Clients

Sex Trafficking
microgen via Getty Images

Chow's A 'Major League Biatch': Former Ontario PC MPP

Olivia Chow

NDP Accuses Tories Of Muzzling, Bleeding Charities Dry

Stephen Harper

This 32-Year-Old Is On His Way To Becoming Premier, Poll Suggests

Brian Gallant

WATCH: Baird Rips Question From CBC Journalist

John Baird
Sun News screengrab

Legal Action Mulled Against Feds Over Missing, Murdered Women

Missing Murdered Women

Ex-Gov't Staffer Busted For Running Alleged Passport Fraud Scheme

Canadian Passport
Chris Knorr via Getty Images

'Even When You're Clean And Sober..'

Olivia Chow

Chow Defends Jab At RoFo