October 6, 2015
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Harper's Use of Fear as a Political Strategy Is Very Familiar

Harper CP

"Fear is not a policy. It is not an election platform," Stephen Lewis, the former NDP leader, recently declared during a campaign speech. "Using fear to get power suggests a deep and abiding cynicism." It does. But it can also be an effective strategy. It has been for centuries. It distracts.

Tories Pledge $1B For Auto Sector In Light Of TPP

Stephen Harper
Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

Harper's Tactics Are Borderline Racist: Danny Williams

Danny Williams

5 Notable Promises From The Liberals' Full Platform

Trudeau Liberal Platform
Paul Chiasson/CP

Jason Kenney Praises Refugee Boy's 'Perfect, Unaccented English'

Jason Kenney Refugee

Grits Dub Mulcair TPP Flip-Flopper, But Video Doesn't Tell Full Story

Thomas Mulcair
Twitter: Liberal Party of Canada

Niqab-Wearing Woman Can Take Citizenship Oath, Judge Says

Zunera Ishaq

Is The TPP Deal A Political Play For The Conservatives?


Tory Ads Hint Trudeau Will Scrap Income Splitting For Seniors

Justin Trudeau
YouTube: Conservative Party

New Zealand Already Wants New Talks On TPP Dairy Chapter

Tim Groser New Zealand
ROSLAN RAHMAN via Getty Images

7 Calgary Artists Protest With 'Rock Against Harper' Compilation


10 Key Questions About TPP Deal

Stephen Harper
Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

Veterans Group Launches Campaign To Support Tories


Duceppe Disappointed With TPP Deal

Gilles Duceppe

Wynne Lashes Out At Tories

Kathleen Wynne Stephen Harper

Revealed: Gov't Forged Major Partnership With Group Battling CRA

Stephen Harper

Trudeau Unveils Full Liberal Platform

Justin Trudeau
Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press

Why The TPP Is Not A Done Deal, And Why It May Never Get Done

Trans Pacific Partnership Tpp

Mulcair Promises More Support For Artists


The Dragon-Slaying Candidate Is Back With Another Glorious Video

Wyatt Scott

Toronto 18 Plotter's Privacy May Have Been Breached

Jason Kenney
Daniel Pittman/The Canadian Press

TPP Deal Reached

MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Canadian Indie Bands Team Up For Anti-Harper Song

Land You Love

Inmates To Cast Ballots Behind Bars

Rick Sauve
Fred Thornhill/The Canadian Press

Here's What Made Ex-Grits Back Mulcair, And Ex-NDPers Turn To Trudeau

Thomas Mulcair Justin Trudeau
Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

Rick Mercer Says Youth Vote Could 'Change The Country'

Rick Mercer

Liberals Would Take A Long Hard Look At TPP

Justin Trudeau Brampton

Muslim Women Want Election To Move On From Niqab Debate

Hijab Canada
Vince Talotta via Getty Images

How Parties Try To Recruit Youth To Their Campaigns

Stephen Harper
Carlos Osorio via Getty Images

Harper Received Emails About Don Meredith Allegations

Canada's Final Answer On TPP Could Be Coming Soon

Milking Cow
Shutterstock / Dmitry Kalinovsky


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Jean Charest Comes Out For Gender Parity In Politics

Jean Charest
AFP via Getty Images

Sarah Silverman Is (Illegally) Backing The NDP

Sarah Silverman
Tony Felgueiras/Invision/AP

Watch Out Harper, The Grits Have A New Arsenal Of Ads

Liberal Ad Trudeau
Liberal Party of Canada/YouTube

Meet The Man Who's 'Very Satisfied' The Niqab Is An Election Issue

Andre Douin
Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press

Elizabeth May Gets In On The 'Harperman' Trend

Elizabeth May

Liberals Get A Bump In Latest Nanos Polls

Liberal Trudeau
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Liberals To Hold Rally In Brampton, NDP Focuses On Ontario

Liberal Trudeau Bus
Melissa Renwick via Getty Images

Tories Top Spenders On Controversial Mailouts

Ten Percenters

NDP's Quebec Drop Seriously Hurts Mulcair's Chances: Projections

Thomas Mulcair
Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press

Liberals Urge Voters To Report Irregularities To Party, Elections Canada

Elections Canada

Trans Pacific Partnership Talks Hit Take-It-Or-Leave-It Phase

Trans Pacific Partnerships
REX Shutterstock

Ghosts Of Harper's Past Surface


NDP Will Defend Quebec Farms, Ontario Manufacturing: Mulcair


We'll Release Details If Monster Trade Deal Is Reached: Harper

Stephen Harper
Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

Pot 'Infinitely Worse' Than Tobacco: Harper

Stephen Harper
Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

How Federal Leaders Will Try To Seal The Deal With Voters

Mulcair Harper Trudeau

Incorrect Voter Information Cards Sent Out To Hundreds Of Canadians

Ballot Box
Shutterstock / Sadik Gulec

Tories Would Strip Every Terrorist Of Citizenship, If Only They Could

Jason Kenney
Mark Taylor/The Canadian Press