July 29, 2015
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A Lame Senate Report on the CBC's Future

Cbc CP

It's time to end this perverse nonsense, to put CBC television back on the rails producing objectively high-quality programs to serve audiences both as citizens and consumers, enriching rather than impoverishing their lives. We know how to accomplish this: the senate committee archives are stuffed with sane, solid suggestions, almost none of which showed up in the report released last week. Yes, it will cost some money, but what price do we put on the maintenance of democratic values, the spread of education, and the promotion of cultural literacy?

Tory MP Admits $32.6-Million 'Mistake'

David Wilks

Ex-Montreal Mayor's Home Targeted In Anti-Corruption Sweep

Gerald Tremblay

Longer Election Campaign Could Cost Taxpayers Millions


Medical Pot Patients Win Right To Sue Health Canada

Medical Marijuana
Gary Morrison via Getty Images

Donald Sutherland, Proud Canadian, Has A Message For Harper

Donald Sutherland
VALERY HACHE via Getty Images

Pharmacare Would Save Canadians Billions, Says May

Elizabeth May

It's Official: Chow Making A Comeback

Olivia Chow

Minister's Dig At Trudeau, Mulcair Called 'Totally Inappropriate'

Bernard Valcourt

Senior Military Officer Faces Numerous Sex Charges Involving Cadets

Mason Stalker
MCpl Dany Veillette/Rideau Hall

Tories Launch Slick Site To Attack NDP

Mulcair Pay It Back

CRA Pummeled With Million Plus Calls About UCCB Money

Universal Child Care Benefit

Feds Tight-Lipped After Apparent Breach Of Secret Documents

Steven Blaney

Fahmy: I Get 'Jitters' Reading About Bill C-51

Mohamed Fahmy

Cadets Mistreated After Deadly Grenade Explosion, Ombudsman Says

Grenade Kenya
Nation Media via Getty Images

Tories Shut Down Move To Get Oliver To Testify On Budget Claim

Joe Oliver

Spokesperson: No Special Treatment For Trudeau-Linked Candidate

Melanie Joly

Alberta Appeal Court Judge Named To Supreme Court


Eve Adams's Political Future Unclear

Eve Adams

Tory MP Launches Lawsuit Over Rejected Expense Claims

Maurice Vellacott

Pay Serious Attention To Deficit Forecast, MPs Urge Committee

Joe Oliver
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Tory Candidates' War Chests Outpacing Rivals, Analysis Shows

Stephen Harper

Kenney Weighs In On Adams Rejection

Jason Kenney

NDP MP On Sexism: 'I Had To Deal With A Lot Of Bullsh*t'

Ruth Ellen Brosseau

MP Denounces 'Americanization' Of Canadian Elections

Wayne Easter

Lawyer Takes On PM's Senate Moratorium

Canada Senate
Getty Images

Taxpayers Not On Hook For Kanye West's Mic Throw

Kanye West
Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

Feds Taking 8 First Nations To Court

Bernard Valcourt

Top Court Unfair To Harper Gov't, Judge Says

Stephen Harper


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Eve Adams Loses By Wide Margin

Eve Adams Campaign Expenses

Mulcair Best Choice To Improve Economy, Poll Suggests

Thomas Mulcair
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Mounties Used Facebook Penguins To Track Toronto Activists

King Penguin

Spy Agency Staff Forced To Undergo Privacy Training After Internal Breach

Cyber Security

Don't Believe The Forecast, Canada's Budget Will Be Balanced: Oliver

Joe Oliver

Reservist's Death In Manitoba Under Investigation

Cfb Shilo
Google Street View

Flora MacDonald Dies At 89

Flora Macdonald

Harper Puts Moratorium On Senate Appointments

Stephen Harper

DeLorey To Run In Peter MacKay's Riding

Fred Delorey

Why A B.C. News Site Referred To Harper Only As 'Man In Blue Suit'

Stephen Harper Firefighters

MacKay Not Seeking Re-Election, Remains As High-Profile As Ever

Peter Mackay

NDP, Liberals Want Oliver To Explain Himself

Joe Oliver

NDP Urges Some Parents To Donate Child Care Cash To Them

Thomas Mulcair

UN Report On Canada's Human Rights Record A 'Wake-Up Call'

Stephen Harper
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

Liberals Won't Promise Balanced Budget

Scott Brison

How One Organization Is Courting The Muslim Canadian Vote

The Canadian Muslim Vote
Facebook/The Canadian-Muslim Vote

Harper Can't Stop Talking About This, Liberals Say

Justin Trudeau Hair
Screengrab: Liberal Party of Canada

B.C. Liberal Party Booted From Vancouver Pride Parade

Christy Clark Pride Parade
Darryl Dyck/CP