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The Hottest Global Street Style from Colombia Fashion Week 2013

Posted: 07/29/2013 5:42 pm

In case you haven't heard, Ramp1885 is down south -- in South America that is -- for Colombia Moda 2013, Colombia's official fashion week held in magical Medellin.

While running from one show to the next, we quickly made it a point to grab some shots of the fantastic street styles as donned by the Medellin's moda mavens. Stay tuned for Ramp1885's special coverage entitled "Fashion Travelogue: Medellin Edition" which will showcase detailed runway coverage, boutique profiles, as well as some MORE street style -- because the Latin ladies were too bonitasfor just one posting.

In the meantime, enjoy our latest installation of our Global Street Style...this time from the streets and by the runways of Medellin, Colombia.

What did we learn from this roster of our caliente couture lovers? Key notes: sequins, skyscraper stilettos and summery styles.

Enjoy the slideshow and prepared to be inspired!

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  • Guests do one last check in their skyscraper stilettos before entering the hall for the next runway show.

  • Head-to-toe, they are a fashion delight.

  • These skyscrapers were a floral fantasy. (Yes they are blurry but I was just SO excited!)

  • Love these goth style lace-up booties.

  • Jewel toned skirts and dresses fit in perfectly in the South American heat.

  • I saw these everywhere. An ode to their culture, traditional Colombian satchels gave it an easy breezy hands-free look. And let's not forget her fabulous slouchy booties with those short shorts!

  • Cross body handbag? Check. Summer dress? Check. Topped off with a stone-washed denim vest? Priceless.

  • What do you get when you and your BFF sport similar neon bags? A pretty standout look!

  • Keeping the top and stilettos simple, it gives ample room for her sequined mini to stand out, (and yes I love her clutch too!).

  • These girls were having simply too much fun. So I had to take a picture of them. Tanned and strikingly pretty. Love the headpiece, the cute skirt and shoes on the Katie Holmes twinsie.

  • One of many random shots of the guests during a runway show. Scan and you will see all sorts of styles especially sported by the gentlemen in the centre.

  • Floral skirt with colour blocked stilettos. Love the colours!

  • Preppy meets chic with this enthusiastic fashion couple in the front row.

  • The gentleman tucked his shoes in the last shot so here they are!

  • Her blue lips matching her clutch and the ombre style layered flares stopped me in my tracks for a good reason.

  • Love her shapeless shift dress which boasted incredible stenciled prints. When you have this much going on, no need for accessories. Yes, she got the memo. Fabulous!

  • Shimmering silver leggings with silver-bowed stilettos. Stunning in the sunlight. And yes, that's Marilyn Monroe on her friends legs!

  • Behind me were a perfect row of sole-ful delights. What's your favourite!


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