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The Right Kind of Wrong (A Poem)

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Ryan Kwanten stars in the film The Right Kind of Wrong, which premiered Sept. 12 at TIFF.

Finding the right kind of wrong,
One could search hard and long.
There is no road, there is no song,
You just know you're meant to belong

Leo Palamino rolls off the tongue,
Rolls out his belief and then some.
He's an audacious underdog who's always right.
Like swallowing food but forgetting to bite.
He sucks and it's gone viral and loud.
A failed writer, husband, now dishwasher and proud.
Leo Palamino has something you just can't shake.
Relentless optimism when most all would break.

Into his orbit walks the girl of his dreams.
But it's her wedding, impossible it seems.
When the world is conspiring against his sin,
How does this dreamer possibly win?

Like jumping into a boiling bath,
This was the task placed in our path.
Over 10 years ago, Tim put pen to paper
"Sex And Sunsets" was the name of his caper
Mr. Lantos, worth his weight in gold
Wanted a film of this story told
After years of toiling found a writer
And Megan Martin became the adaptive fighter
She created a most illuminating script
That kept me oh so positively gripped
Jeremiah Chechik, a directing magician
Helmed the story to film fruition
Surrounding me with a most stellar cast
A Canadian crew that were built to last
And vistas that take your breath away
It's no wonder I'm rhyming today

Impossible things happen everyday
Open your eyes you might see one today
With reckless wonder and cynics quietened
The romantic comedy is back and enlightened


2013 Toronto International Film Festival
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