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Ford's Pride: Should He or Shouldn't He?

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Boy oh boy -- the chins are wagging,and tongues are flapping about the Mayor's decision to continue with his 30-year family tradition of spending Canada's birthday at his cottage with his family.

A slap in the face to the LGBT community! Ford is homophobic!

Let's examine the facts. Importantly, the Pride Parade, has usually been on the last weekend of June. The Pride committee changed that this year. So the responsibility lies with the committee.

If the Mayor changed his plans to accommodate Pride's change of plans, would he be a good father, abandoning his kids on a national holiday? In the summer? You fill in the answer.

And if he changed so much for this parade, should he attend every parade?

Remember, until not so long ago, the mayor was compelled to attend the Orange Parade, celebrating that supremacist movement of the defeat of Catholics. From all inside accounts, the Parade is not as well organized this year as others, the committee having jettisoned its executive director who pulled it all together.

That notwithstanding, Pride is now well established as a fun event, supported by most, and it doesn't need the Mayor at all parades -- things have changed. One is no longer homophobic if one doesn't attend!

Bottom line -- the mayor should attend some other Pride event, and then this little tempest will be behind us.

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